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WHAT? no R17 thread yet?


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here it is mid-January, about 6 or 7 months until R17 rolls out, yet not a single thread about what we are looking/hoping for in this release.  Come on people, get with the program. August will be here before you know it.

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Ha finally :)

MAXON should continue to refine modeling tools, there are still a lot of room for improvement like a better bridge tool, PSR falloff, opensubdiv and a true symmetry feature.

In the render side nearly every render engines have a real time preview right now, it's time for C4D to catch up.

Other things like node based shader system and render layers are old requested features.

Last but not least will Bodypaint finally be updated this year?

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I ask Santa for the same thing every year - just make C4D faster please :)


From Siggraph, if you watched the Autodesk presentations ... on the animation one, the guy responsible for that department said that this is the number 1 feature requested to Autodesk for Maya! Performance, performance, performance ... 

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I like it. A stealth R17 thread.


I'm for, as usual, improvements in what is already there rather than new stuff. Unless that is that the new stuff replaces what's needing improved or fixed.


Performance is always going to be good. I hope the BP improvement in R16 is a sign that BP is going to get a big hunk of TLC. The Polygon pen tool is so great , making it better would be cool.


I promise not to tell anyone that this is a R17 thread. Shhhhh! You didn't see me. Right.

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The Polygon pen tool is so great , making it better would be cool.


You know, I loved the idea of an all-in-one tool, but I never use it! I still feel much quicker with what I already know with the existing tools.

I'd like to hear from people where and when they use it, I haven't had a retopo job for a while so maybe that'll be it's time to shine : )




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I feel like R16 is unfinished and that MAXON legally and morally must complete what they've promised.


Team Render Server is hopelessly and radically broken and that's been part of what we paid for with both the last two releases. I'm waiting to see them make right on that before I think about purchasing anything more.


I also am disappointed enough w/the performance decline created by Radiance...and its kludgy approach...to commit to using Octane and VRAY pretty most all the time.


Grade for R16: F.


It can't be anything but a failing grade as they've legally, morally and from all other perspectives failed with TeamRender Server and that was a touted feature that we paid for. If they'd have fixed that a month ago I'd maybe give the release a C+. Furthermore they've stoutly refused in the face of countless customer appeals to communicate with us about the status and plan for TeamRender.


My respect for MAXON...in it's technical abilities and its customer relations... has dropped many notches in the past 3 months.

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Making it so the new refection in materials is editable on several materials at the same time in addition to having it completely backward compatible with the old releases so files saved prior to R16 looks exactly the same when rendered in R16 as it did in releases before R16 would be great.  Right now it feels like they broke the reflection more than improving it.  Really all we needed was a Anisotropy that worked and they made it so complex no one wants to use it.

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I love reflectance. It's amazing. It is prohibitively slow, but the feature set is almost perfect in my opinion. I wish there were a few more controls exposed in the Fresnel settings, that it could render a bit faster and that the UI rendering bug could be fixed, but other than that no complaints here.

I haven't had any show stopper problems with Team Render. What are the current complaints?

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