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WHAT? no R17 thread yet?


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Nodal Materials.

Better Particle system.

More multithreading. 

RENDER MISSING FILES !!! 20 Years+ and there is still not an option to automatically render only the missing files in a sequence.

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re viewport. you can change that in the settings. Change it to "selected" and it'll work like pre r13. 


The grid. I set it to locked i think. and then i saved a new.c4d back in the day and never ran into the problem. 


Now though i found its really useful for making new geometry on existing geometry. 


I've stopped using the menu's long ago. just shift+c everything. its too much of  a pain to find anything nowdays. everything keeps changing. 


and yeah that glowing object thing is ridiculous. lags the viewport sooo much. 


@prowl: particles: http://www.x-particles.com/much better than anything MAXON can implement. 


Nodal materials: http://www.cmstuff.com/article/1012/cmnodes+for+r13( says r13, but works everywhere)


render missing files: http://nitro4d.com/blog/freebie/magicmissframe/In net render it used to be able to render missing frames as far as i remember. But that whole module was removed... 


cant help with more multithreading. 

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you can double click on a hypernurb to select object under it. atleast with move tool. in r15 anyway. not sure about r16.


I feel like im going to be one of those people with R15. 


I still open R16 to use the pen tool. and thankfully most of the other tools that where added are available through plugins. 


but its really frustrating. I guess its time to learn to code/script and start learning houdini if i want new features. 


but i guess cest la vie..

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Another useful shortcut is ctrl-right click which will give you a list of all the objects under the cursor.  You can select any of them from the menu that flies out.  If there are a lot of objects that's probably more useful than left-clicking multiple times.


Although I will say that getting this shortcut to work seems to be hit and miss currently.  Sometimes C4D seems to get a little too caught up in the regular old right-click context menu.  Maybe not predictable enough to be useful.

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Not really a feature, but I'd like to see C4D cut down to only one edition with two different prices. One limited to a single license purchase and only for individuals, sole proprietors, single member LLCs, etc. with a much lower price point. The other one would be the same as Studio has been and meant for businesses with employees. Maybe a little lower price there too. Other than that, zero difference between the two. Less issues of working with others that are on an old version of C4D because they couldn't keep up with MAXON's very punitive upgrade policy or trying to work with people on editions that are missing features.

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Also what is the problem with reflectance?  if you wanna it to work like before and have your normal passes "reflection and specular" just make sure when you build a new layer don't mix reflection and specular together. 

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Another useful shortcut is ctrl-right click which will give you a list of all the objects under the cursor.  


Thanks! New to me!

While I am at it, regarding the thread topic here, what I want most is improved exchange of scenes / objects between various applications. That is my first priority. 

Better use of the vast supply of objects in the DAZ 3D Store. These are accessible as FBX objects, and when importing them into C4D, they always have to be adjusted because transparency and alpha is mixed, and the specular is mostly way to high. I don't care if C4D's importer correctly does what the FBX book says. I am interested in the real world, and an FBX-importer that can have a checkbox: Adjust for DAZ FBX format, would be great.


Then, I would mostly want C4D to be able to do landscapes with plants and trees like the latest iClone can do. I have purchased iClone, just to do landscapes. It renders out beautiful realistic landscapes with amazingly realistic wind in the trees and on the grass on the ground, very very fast.



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What?  No love for the camera tracking tools?






They're pretty good. We used them on the Black Mirror Xmas special - worked really well & I'd not done camera tracking before. I'm sure they're no different to many of the other camera-tracking software but they work, they're pretty straightforward & they're sat right there without moving out of the program which is an advantage.

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