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WHAT? no R17 thread yet?


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MAXON needs more programmers.


They have actually got a lot of programmers. They've been hiring quite a few the last year or so. I can only assume big things are coming. That said the skills required for programming network rendering would be a lot different than the skills required for programming sculpting tools so they can't just divert the sculpting programmer to work on Team Render.

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Before MAXON worries about new do-dahs in R17, they need to release an update to TR.


They did. It was R16.


Dumb question but what part of Team render is not working (in R16)? I'm not interested in Team Render Server issues. Completely different.


I'm very happy to pass on any bugs with Team Render where I can replicate the problem in R16.

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See my thread in the rendering forum.


It took me 4 days, 5 emails to and from Maxon that were less than helpful and required deciphering, multiple installs, and eventual trashing of preferences on two machines to just get the client/host installed so that they could see each other.

Now any scene file with anything other than built-in materials/assets doesn't work.


And yes, I have raised it with Maxon.


So, I see R16 as a kind of R15.5, with problems.


Yeah I've seen this thread. Are you able to supply me a simple scene with assets that produces this error? I can then test it on my system.

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Got it. I'll report back when the rendering is finished.


Update: I can render using TR no problems when I render frames 0 to 90. I'm trying to render out the frame range as per the scene file and it seems stuck on preparing. Must be all of that hair. Don't know, I'll leave it going for a while and see what happens. Next up I'll try rendering with R15 and TR.


Update: After 22 minutes it's started rendering frame 728. There was obviusly a lot of preparation required first with the hair.


BTW if you're trying to use TR over a wireless network, forget it. Too much bandwidth for the wifi network to cope and I found it to be unreliable i.e. I had problems. I just use my 2 computers wired in and don't use the rest of the family's computers that hook up by wifi.

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i have windows everywhere and team render just doesnt work with my custom layout in c4d. i haven had time to figure out exact problem. but i keep a separate install with default prefs folder just to use team render...


its great that i get paid to solve problems, but its really annoying when the problems are just new stuff introduced by removing old features. really old features should be kept until new features actually work well enough to replace old stuff. 

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I stopped the rendering where it was rendering the range as per the file. It was working but taking a while. I'm now rendering frames 0 to 300 running R15 with TR. My laptop has just about zipped through all of the first 150 frames it has to render. My desktop rendering frames 151 to 300 is taking a lot longer because the particles and hair being much more complex in this range.


Have much memory have you got? I'm running 24GB in my desktop and 8 in my laptop.


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Sorry to come back to the main topic ;) but something that could be cool is an option to snap around bounding box of objects. Right now it snap according to the object axis so you have to first move axis if you want, for example, to snap two cubes next to each other. Ok it is no big deal but it can significantly speed up the workflow. Also some kind of customisable snapping presets would be greatly appreciated. 

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Dumb question but what part of Team render is not working (in R16)? I'm not interested in Team Render Server issues. Completely different.


I'm very happy to pass on any bugs with Team Render where I can replicate the problem in R16.

One of the bugs I'm having is that Team Render Client after running for a while and doing a good amount of jobs with Windows 7 will only be running in the background.  That is to say, it can be seen running in the Windows Task manager when Ctrl+Alt+Del is pressed under Applications, but the GUI cannot be seen no matter what.  When trying to start Team Render Client it won't start because it already thinks there is an instance of Team Render already going.  Stopping TR in the Apps lets me start it up again, but after the splash screen goes away there is no GUI again.  There is no icon in the bottom to say it's open like all the other open apps.  To get the GUI back Team Render Client needs to be completeley uninstalled and reinstalled.  It's a big hassle to have to uninstall and reinstall.

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