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'Shrink-wrap' hair to simple geometry

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  • Hi there,


    I have been trying to create a 3D representation of a shaggy haired drawn cartoon object. I have tried scuplting and various other methods to no avail, but I have something pretty perfect using hair.


    The thing is what I now want to do is convert this to geometry, but unlike other questions that have been asked before, in the end I dont want each individual hair as geometry (though I understand this may be a step) what I am after is a sort of solid representation of what the shape of the model is now with its scruffy hair.


    Attached is a wolverine action figure and the hair of that shows sort of what I want to end up with- my model is quite a bit more 'shaggy' than this eg but you get the idea...


    So I think I need to convert the hair to geometry (I think I can find out how to do that from other questions) but then I want to sort of 'Shrink-wrap' the result so instead of all the individual hairs creating loads of polys, I just have an outer shape, like the action figure example?


    Thanks again...


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