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so what happens to the cafe when Nigel dumps c4d?

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bobc4d    119

I agree about thu still thread being locked

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Monstrphil    23

I agree with Teknow. Magical! I started not too long ago with Max and had a HELL of a time learning for my job. When they hired this new guy who convinced the department to move to C4d-I was up and running in no time and got to the same level as my StudioMax ability within a year. You want to gripe........Lets talk about Adobe!

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Marcosb    0

Well, if it's not too late to comment on this very old thread ... I just bought a copy of C4D Studio and it's a bit distressing to read all the negativity, or it would be, if I hadn't seen the same negativity about every other piece of 3D software (except maybe Blender, because who can complain about free software?) I've been learning Maya for two years, have picked up bits of Modo (used Lightwave before, so it feels familiar) and have decided on Cinema for various reasons. 1) no subscription-only model. 2) well-designed interface and smooth workflow doesn't get in your way, and the way I see it, as a freelancer I'm not going to be using all of Maya's toolset for making Pixar-level animation anyway.  3) Modo is great and I plan to use it as well (the Foundry, like MAXON, has a great deal for people upgrading from an educational license), which is easier to learn how to do when Cinema doesn't tax my brain with its own complex interface. 4) I keep hearing that Cinema is very stable. I've crashed Modo and Maya a couple of times, but not Cinema so far. 5) Oh, yeah, the tight integration with After Effects doesn't hurt (and is the main reason I started looking into Cinema). 

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