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Free Cinema 4D Reflectance Metal Materials from Cineversity

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Guest Cineversity


Hey Everyone,

We've just released a free materials pack by Donovan Keith that's loaded with Cinema 4D metal materials
that leverage R16's Reflectance. This pack includes 17 ready-to-use materials that enable you to effortlessly add metal textures to your objects.

It includes:

•    Aluminum
•    Radial Brushed Aluminum
•    Rough Cast Aluminum
•    Warped Chrome
•    Copper
•    Radial Brushed Copper
•    Rough Cast Copper
•    Gold
•    Rough Cast Gold
•    Rough Cast Silver
•    Steel Material
•    Large, Medium, and Small Brush Steel
•    Pitted Steel Material
•    Rough Cast Steel

These materials are great for SciFi looks, sports motion graphics, or even texturing pots and pans.

Just download and install the library into your content browser. Then drag the materials onto any objects you want to texture.

You can download and install this pack with just a few clicks using CV-Toolbox.

Check it out: Cinema 4D Reflectance Metal Materials Preset

The Cineversity Team

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If nothing else you might be able to work backward from them to figure out how in the hell Reflectance is supposed to work. lol

Thanks for the link Cineversity, I'll probably check them out for that reason alone.

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