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Any 5820K, 5830K or 5960X users here?

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  • Hey guys,

    At this moment my main driver is an 2011 iMac with an i5 3.1Ghz (no HT). It is getting a bit old and from a business perspective (Tax), its intresting to invest in a new machine. I am on the edge to switch back to Windows and build a nice heavy machine that helps my with my daily use of working in big Photoshop manipulations + recording my screen, big Illustrator files with a lot of vectors / objects and recently playing with C4D. (Learning). The plan is to move that to a professional level in the near future and offer my clients 3D options. 

    The MacPro is just not an option because the dual gpu wil not be used in any of my tools. The Xeons are awesome off-course, but u will pay with pain in your wallet too :D In overal, the MacPro is a awesome machine, but not suite for me. (and i think for all 3D users)

    Anyway, to make my point haha... I am very interested in some shout outs by C4D users who are using these 5820K, 5830K or 5960X intel cpu's. I am not sure if the 5830K is worth the €250+ vs the 5820K cause i am not going to work with an SLI setup. And with a bit of overclocking, the 5820K can hit the 4Ghz as well. So i think it is a choice between a much "cheaper" 5820K 6-core, and the much more expensive 5960X 8-core who toasting the 5820K in the benchmarks. But is it worth the money in C4D?

    Ps, I think i combine the setup with an GTX 980 TI for the CUDA's and in a lost hour, for some gaming.

    Looking forward to your comments. 

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