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Cafe back & new owner

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Hi folks :)

As you can see, we are back in business. Unfortunately, while we moved the cafe to new host we experienced multiple technical issues and not to our fault, lost some attachments, gallery and profile images. We are still investigating how much is lost as setting up a cafe at this moment is still ongoing process. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may caused. Forum software has been upgraded which resolved some issues and will contribute to better member experience. We will of course know more in upcoming days and keep you informed.

As you know already, Nigel has decided to take a break from running the cafe, and transferred the ownership to me.
He will of course stay very frequent as a member but will not administer the site anymore after certain time when all is setup and I can take over completely. As you know, I have been an administrator for a long time now, but I still have to catch up with a thing or two. My freelance colleague back from VP days Igor will also help me administer the site.

What will change on cafe from now on? In short, nothing :)
Cafe will remain a nice, polite, respectful community with enthusiastic members willing to show off their work and help others with their knowledge and ideas.
One important thing to mention is that, me, even though I currently work for MAXON is that this isn't and it won't be MAXON official forum, nor I don't represent MAXON in any way. Given my position, I will be able to possibly communicate on some matters, but of course I am not a MAXON spokesperson.

Let's have fun and if you have questions, fire away :)






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