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BSG Battlestar-The Warrior's Toll (Animation-Short-Episode Wip#9)

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  • Hello C4d Cafe..been awhile...but...in March, had some Heart Problems suddenly hit me....

    Been taking it really slow...But, I have added some new clips and thought I would share with you the progress so far.

    Hope you enjoy it....and hope to complete it,, so I can make more.




    Thank you for visiting my post.


    Best and Regards,


    Randal R.

    -- Ever get that feeling from a movie trailer, you can't wait to see it ? --That is what it does to me.

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    Hi Randal,


    how are you doing now,feeling better?


    Nice work ,plenty of room to make it better,but its nice to see things like  that.




    | MAXON Quality Assurance | 3D Artist | C4D Cafe Manager | Gamer in Heart/PS4 ID: SIgor420 |:compEnjoy:

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