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Matilda II infantry tank modeling

King of Snake

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I've set myself a challenge to increase my modeling skill. I want to model the WW2 British Matilda II tank. It's one of my favourite tanks :) This is the first time I've attempted modeling something this complex. And it is definitely more complex than it looks at first sight. The hull and turret have some tricky cast iron and welded forms. But after a lot of dead ends and failed starts it's now starting to come together. Have mostly concentrated on the front of the hull and the tracks. Just working on the back drivewheel now. I'll try and keep posting updates as I make progress. I couldn't really find any detailed plans so I'm modeling mostly off pictures of the real thing and of model kits (quite helpful for some of the more hidden parts)

Thanks for watching!




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Not much time for this at the moment, but just trying to block out the turret. I'm using some reference from blueprints as well as pictures of scale models. Quite a complicated shape actually. Cylinder with boxes attached but sort of merged into a cone like shape at the base...

Just trying to decide whether to go sub-d or different kind of approach.



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You are doing exactly what I did a few years ago when I decided to model a Panzer IVD. The reference images I had where OK but I ended up going out and buying a Tamiya model and using that as my reference - it really helps, especially the orthographic painting scheme plans.

The latest version of my effort is below.

Regarding your turret I would probably use a few splines and loft between them as a starting point then make the result editable and then start refining that to get that cast turret look. You'll have a bit of a nightmare trying to create that Caunter camo scheme BTW :-)

3D Squirrel - Front.jpg

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Cool man, nice model of the Panzer IV :) I'm hoping to get close to that quality with my Matilda, although I haven't even dared to think about the paintjob.
Interesting idea to use loft splines for the turret. I guess it could be done that way, I'll have to give it a try. Maybe the new spline tools in R17 will help with that :)

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Getting there couple of thing I noticed straight off are your mud shoots on the side plate armour - they look too deep/big. Also the small road wheels are bogey pairs i.e. they have a little brace around each pair.


I could comment on the turret but as you said it is only rough at the minute. Although I would ditch the muzzle brake and supporting brace, the Tillys I have seen don't have these just a smooth 2pdr gun.

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Thanks for the feedback. For the mud shoots, you mean the holes in the side plate armour? I did model the sideplate with some refence images so it should be roughly correct. But they don't have the covers in yet.

And you are right about the roadwheels. I did not yet position them with a reference image, just wanted to get something in there quickly to be able to say I made SOME progress at least ;) I am planning on modeling the braces and suspension for the wheels (at least if I can find some good reference. Again, shots of model kits are probably going to be the main reference for inside parts like these).

I don't think there's any Matilda tanks on display here in the Netherlands otherwise I'd go and see a real one myself :)

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Snake there are hardly any Matilda IIs left in the world the only one I know of is at Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset UK. I think you should buy yourself a kit and use that. Tamiya do a good 1/48th scale one and a 1/35th scale on but that one is expensive. You could also opt for the Airfix 1/76 scale. Or try these:









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