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Matilda II infantry tank modeling

King of Snake

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Ok so I'm currently going through Toby Pitman's Making it Look Great 11 modelling tutorial series and I thought I'd give another attempt at continuing this model. The complexity of the turrent basically made me give up as I'm just not experienced with modelling enough. Still I seem to have some success now with the top part. Still need to tackle the task of making this shape "merge" with the cone-like lower half of the turret. This is definitely a daunting model to tackle. Maybe I should have started with a boxier tank like the Panzer ;)



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as long as you match the amount of segments to the lower half, should be easy enough to bridge/stitch and sow together, although i would cut the bottom/move points around of the top section into roughly the shape the bottom section takes when it attaches to the top, then all you would need to do is select the dome part one its all connected and do a little inner extrude to give yourself a supporting edge to make that joining seam sharp

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Thanks man. Yeah perhaps I have been overthinking it. Right now I'm trying extruding edges downward from the top section and just lining the points up until they intersect with my "dummy cone". This seems to be working as well. I think it does not matter hugely if the cone shape is not 100% perfect as I don't think it is on the actual vehicle (many imperfections in a real world object like this).

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8 minutes ago, King of Snake said:

So I ended up with this, which seems like it could work, although obviously I still have a bunch of n-gons and triangles and edges that I don't know what to do with yet. Really not sure what my edgeflow could/should look like here.

matilda turret blocking 04.c4d


let me take a look at this for you :D 

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2 minutes ago, King of Snake said:

I would be very grateful, this bloody thing is making me want to give up again ;)
Here's some reference pics of what it should look like (this is obviously from a model kit).



dont worry i'll get you going in the right direction :D 

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