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MAXON announces R17


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Guest Barrykins

I'm on the edge of renewing my MSA for this release or not. I think I'd rather get a new renderer. The Take system looks superb but I'm not sure that alone can sell me on it

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Watched all the videos and one phrase popped into my head: "Where's the beef?"

Don't get me wrong there are a few features that are cool for Broadcast users such as myself namely the new spline tools and the Take system(something I could live without)

Other than that nothing really compelling and I think R16 may be the last upgrade I get. 

I think the existing product line system is killing the buzz for Mograph and Visualize users although it is not like Studio users got much more than the rest of us this time around.

I wasn't hoping for a nodal shader system but that would have been nice. I would have liked to seen improvements in Script log. Something akin to MEL scripting where calling a command by number does not exist and every action is captured.

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In all honesty, at first glance I think this release demonstrates the problem of MAXON's complete lack of communication with it's users. There seem to be some substantial improvements here but they're not the improvements users have been requesting - for years. I won't belabor the point by going over all the Cons from the Pros and Cons thread and point out that none of them have been addressed here.

I don't expect a lot of enthusiasm for this release. Take system looks good, spline tool improvements look substantial. Can anyone remember anyone requesting these features?

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Already renewed yesterday. Any word of my reflectance issue was addressed? Onb mobile videos won't load. Take system looks like it might do what i want.


New timeline stuff looks great too.

Really hope I'm not gonna be stuck usingusing r15

Also if sketch up integration works well that's a great modeling toolset upgrade right there.

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I tend to disagree :)
Check the anim improvements and new color chooser. For example, in animation now we have redone tangents, euler filter, reworked markers, speed improvements. There are huge steps forward on exchange front too. FBX is polished, there are new importers. I think that people still can't grasp what Take system can do and how good the new spline tools are. Think PolyPen but for Splines plus full new set of booleans for easy spline work.

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Which reflectance issue? :)


The one where you have to do identical tweaks to all materials which use the reflectance channel independately. Can we now, for example, set the reflection color for 20 materials at once, as it is handled with all other material channels? 

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Colour chooser is like Kuler, right? Which has been around for years. It's nice to have this in Cinema but it's not like Cinema (and Cinema users) exist in a vacuum where they're not aware of (and using) alternate tools already. 

Was nitroman involved in the new animation tangent types? Looks a bit like his magic curve plugin..

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I wasn't speaking for everyone just myself. I am a hobbyist and I can't justify paying $400+ for one feature(Spline tool). I don't do animation so those features don't appeal to me. 

I was happy with the old color chooser. The new color chooser does have more features but it is an odd thing to showcase. I am going to mull whether I am going to renew my MSA. If I do it is because of the one feature(Spline tool). The rest of the features just don't interest me.

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