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MAXON announces R17


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wow...disappointment... although did anyone expect otherwise after kiwi switching to modo and selling the cafe?  ill wait to see some more preview vids and beta test opinions but im seriously considering do the upgrade and try to palm it off to someone for as much as i can ...



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From my side, I still haven't decided yet to renew or not my MSA.

Why? Well, based in Canada we are screwed by the exchange rate. Indeed, we are linked to the US price which is 650$ fixed price. So last year, we had to pay around 730 $CAD and this year it's more than 850 $CAD...

The difference, I have to pay could have been used to had the excellent modelling scripts from Holger, which in my opinion should be in native in R17 or so (included the symmetry tool).

So to resume, we have to pay more for nothing extraordinary more, even if I think the take system is a killer stuff...




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Guest billyhanshaw

For small studios, investment is carefully considered.  This upgrade doesn't cut the mustard in terms of value for money.  I'll be waiting for this time next year and hopefully do an upgrade with r18 included as part of an MSA.

I've run into problems recently with C4D, resulting in numerous workarounds and time lost on projects with functions that should simply work as intended by MAXON, but start to fall apart with complex scenes.  I'm hoping that r18 will be a ground-up release - as I've been quite an evangelist when it comes to C4D (since r6) - but these new features just leave me cold. "Take"  I can live without. I have a plugin called multiplesplinemask which does the job of the new spline boole - and it was free.  There's just nothing here that makes me want to reach for my wallet - sorry MAXON.  

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On the face of it, it looks like MAXON can forget my cash. That's my first impression from reading the list of updates. I'm going to give it a bit of study but as it looks, I've got better things to spend my cash on. 

If I'm not impressed by the time I've checked it out then, that's me off the upgrade merry go round.

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Some upgrade pricing for those thinking about skipping the MSA this year.  All prices from US distributor, Safe Harbor.  As I am a Studio user, I am only showing Studio upgrades.

Upgrade from R15 Studio to R16 Studio:   $945.25  (cost over 1 year MSA savings =     945.25 - (1 x 617.50) = $327.75)

Upgrade from R14 Studio to R16 Studio: $1610.25  (cost over 2 year MSA savings = $1610.25 - (2 x 617.50) = $375.25)

Upgrade from R13 Studio to R16 Studio: $2085.25  (cost over 3 year MSA savings = $2085.25 - (3 x 617.50) = $232.75)

So if you are going to skip R17, it is better to wait until R19 before jumping back in again.  Do not wait until R18 (e.g. go from R16 to R18) as that is the most expensive option.  

No guarantee that pricing holds like this over the next couple of years, that MAXON does not go to a subscription service, etc...etc...etc.  But something to consider.

It also sends quite the message to MAXON....Not buying into R17 and you know what...not buying into R18 either.  We may look at R19 provided that you start putting some meat on the table.


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Guest billyhanshaw

This years studio upgrade from r15 to r16 with r17 MSA included is £660 on the UK site - it's  a no-brainer for me,  I can stomach a year without the MSA. (studio version)

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I had hopped onto the C4D scene around r15, mostly because I needed to add 3D to my toolset and Cinema fit the bill as good for mograph. I am an MSA subscriber, and had already ponied up the cash for this year. I feel let down. I probably will not keep the MSA going next year, and use the money to buy Octane and a subscription to Cineversity instead.

I do really like the new spline tools! I use illustrator everyday for work (all 2D stuff), and these tools will pretty much keep me in C4D for my spline creation workflow now. 

The animation enhancements look great too.

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For the people saying that we need to send a message to MAXON by not upgrading..

To present the other side of the coin - if you are a professional user and you rely on C4D to make your living then you pretty much have to upgrade, otherwise you will end up in a situation where clients are sending you a file that you can't open or you are causing problems for the pipeline because it's opening and several features are missing which may or may not work when you save that file and send it back.

The other thing is that sure, for a hobby user the upgrade is expensive, but for a professional, it's what, 2 maybe 3 days of work to pay for it? Plus you can write it off against tax as a business expense, so you can get some of it back.


Sorry but I get that there's animosity towards MAXON here, and sure I'm underwhelmed by R17 too (as I was for 15 and 16 too) but it's simply going to make zero difference if a few people here don't upgrade, that's a drop in the ocean to MAXON.




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Guest billyhanshaw

It's not about sending a message to MAXON - it's more to do with where you place your annual investment - for our studio we'll be looking at supplemental stuff this year ( third party render engines - that sort of thing).  It's about being prudent with resources.

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