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MAXON announces R17


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Fair enough, for me though it's not prudent to put myself in a situation where I can't use the same version my client is using when I'm rigging or animating for them. I keep R12 to 16 installed here and always use the same version as my client, it also helps me be aware of bugs in each version that I need to workaround so I don't deliver something to them that works fine in one version but is useless to them.




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Hi Everyone

I guess I have to say up front Im not a "power user", and I tend to do mainly stills. I had never heard of a take system and i don't even use layers at this point. But Im sure some of the announced upgrades are great news for lots of users. Cinema is my only 3D app and it upgrades faster than I can learn it so I can't imagine I will get to grips with some of  these features before R18.

The variation shader looks the most interesting thing to me, which is a bit sad.

I like to keep up my MSA so I know I can handle any files from my few clients and am reasonably up to speed if I work on some one else's system but i have to say, spending the money on Xparticles seems a much more exciting prospect.

I do love cinema and full credit to the masterminds that create such a program, it gives me the opportunity to do things i never could as a retoucher, but i do feel a bit underwhelmed by the update, feels like getting socks for your birthday.


Maybe its all a bit of a tease and we will get 17.5 for christmas :)

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I'd urge people to spend money with the plugin developers. Insydium have got your back, Cinemaplugins, curious animal have got your back. There are plenty of others out there ready and willing to provide you with much better value for your money.


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I was holding off on the HB modeling tools until this announcement to see what r17 had in store. I probably will pick that up soon.

X-Particles puts a smile on my face every time I use it.

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I'd urge people to spend money with the plugin developers. Insydium have got your back, Cinemaplugins, curious animal have got your back. There are plenty of others out there ready and willing to provide you with much better value for your money.


I strongly agree with this. Cinema's been really blessed with an awesome array of 3rd party plugins over the last couple of years. Things like XParticles, TFD and Octane have really changed the way I work, and I'd love to get DEM earth, Arnold, and a bunch of others.  



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if you are a professional user and you rely on C4D to make your living then you pretty much have to upgrade, otherwise you will end up in a situation where clients are sending you a file that you can't open or you are causing problems for the pipeline because it's opening and several features are missing which may or may not work when you save that file and send it back.

I'm in the same boat.

I think a couple of these features might actually turn out to be more useful than they seem, but it does seem a bit underwhelming and lacking in wow. It isn't intuitively clear to me how the "headline" TAKES feature works. Will have to get stuck into some of the videos.

Personally, I'll do the upgrade but this is the first time I'm actually pondering my options for the long term.  

Like a few others, I was hoping for a Bodypaint upgrade.  Maybe I'm rubbish, but I still struggle to do even simple things with it after all these years. I'm just pressing random buttons hoping something happens half the time!

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This upgrade will make my pipeline way faster for sure, render layers, render takes. Maya had it for a while. that said, very weak in everything else, I can only hope they are working none stop on a brand new body paint and uv tools, cause Mari looks more and more appealing, 

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I'm bummed that nothing was done to improve Bodypaint, UV unwrapping and node-based materials. I don't think I can justify renewing my MSA this year. First time not upgrading since v 9.6 

Instead I'll throw my money at the Arnold Renderer, which is just beautiful output for my medical sim and human anatomy stuff.

To be fair, I've shifted my business needs somewhat the last few years where integration and workflows using the Unity Game engine are becoming more important to me. Specifically using C4D to create FBX content for interactive 3D content, Augmented Reality (zSpace) and Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift) projects. Any new feature that doesn't improve that workflow (which can be pretty wonky) are just a big zero for my business and personal projects.


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The one where you have to do identical tweaks to all materials which use the reflectance channel independately. Can we now, for example, set the reflection color for 20 materials at once, as it is handled with all other material channels? 

Unfortunately not. But the issue is noted and is being looked into :)

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"MAXON Announces Milestone Cinema 4D Release 17"

Not the headline I would have picked.

Finally R17 is announced. As most people would have figured by now I'm less than impressed with R17 (and MAXON) hence my decision to jump ship to Modo 901. In my opinion R17 is the weakest full version upgrade that MAXON have put out apart from a couple of .5 upgrades when they used to do .5 upgrades every second year. To me it's pretty much a .5 version and I think MAXON should have called it R16.5. Problem there of course is they wouldn't be able to charge regular upgrade prices and MSA renewal prices.



So for me, I've given up on waiting for MAXON to upgrade the things that I want to see upgraded. Even if R18 is the mother of all upgrades it will be too little and too late. For me I can get most of what I want now with Modo 901. Sure, it isn't perfect but it needs a heck of a lot less than what C4D does to make it truely great. The few issues like stability, lack of parametric objects (e.g. text), viewport speed aren't the huge list that MAXON has with C4D to bring it up to date. BTW since the recent service pack for Modo 901 I've not had a single crash with it so again things like stability are things that can be fixed in a over the next few days reading people's impressions of it.

intersting to read Nigel, thanks. Is there a crossgrade offer to Modo? I'm much like you for needs and just can't see how this upgrade is worth £500, which means I won't be able to afford the upgrade after missing a year, which means I won't be able to pay for the thing all over again from scratch after that. Shame, love the software but the only way I could have justified this upgrade would have been to spread the cost over the year which is not an option.

I just downloaded Blender again ha! :D


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It also sends quite the message to MAXON....Not buying into R17 and you know what...not buying into R18 either.  We may look at R19 provided that you start putting some meat on the table.

Dave, please don´t tell it aloud, someone from MAXON could hear that and next year will release R19...:clint_eastwood:


All /almost/ top new features are included in all cinema versions.What special we have in Studio for 3 times higher MSA price as in Prime

...formula shader, motion tracker improvements and Houdini engine support worth this price?



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