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MAXON announces R17

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    New Variation Shader
    New Display Color Shader
    Filter Shader: New Checkbox to switch color grading on/off
    New Formula Shader
    New Lens Distortion Shader
    New Lens Distortion render effects
    New robust Take System (render layers, complete scene override management)
    New Token System
    Global Material Override
    Team Render Improvements
    Watermark Post-Effect now support Takes
    Overall Speed improvements

    New Spline Sketch Tool
    New Spline Pen Tool
    New Spline Arc Tool
    New Spline Smooth Tool
    New Spline Boolean Commands: Substract, Union, And, Or, Intersect
    Spline Mask supports new boolean modes
    Spline Mask now supports more than two splines
    New behavior of the ESC key
    New Trackball navigation mode
    Mesh Check Enhancements
    Poly Pen Enhancements

    New Euler Filter
    New Autotangent modes
        Weighted Tangents
        Fixed Slope Autotangent mode
        Remove Overshoot
        Auto Weighting Flag
    Timeline Enhancements
        New Preferences
            Link Key/Fcurve Selection
            OM Single object linking
            OM Single object linking but displays the tags
            FCurve ListView
            FCurve Non-hierarchical listview
            Tab instead of space bar to switch between Dopesheet/Fcurve
            Improved shift behavior
            Space bar now plays but only when Timeline is active
            The interactive update now also work in Dopesheet mode
            General speedup
            Now there are 2 Timeline commands (to open Dopesheet or FCurve)
            Zoom to cursor
            Extended marker to range markers and added color
            Show tangents of selected curves
            User Data groups are now also displayed in the Timeline
            When the preference „Track Color“ is set to Track Color, the tracks names are also colored in the list views
            HPB should now has the correct color order.
            There is a new deselect command so that CTRL-Shift A can deselect everything
            The Timeline now remembers the last active area (Object area or main area) and then selects/deselect all accordingly
            New „Lock Ratio“ command for locked zooming in FCurve Mode - shift toggles between locked/not locked ratio
        Powerslider Enhancements
            CTRL-Shift to create markers
            There are new commands in the context menu of the Powerslider
            Double click in the lower area of the Powerslider extends the range to the document range
            Extended markers also displayed in the Powerslider
            Optimized default behaviours

    Erase Brush: New „Erase Masked“ button
    New „Sculpt To PoseMorph“ command
    Grab Brush: New Surface Distance Option
    Stencil Tile Preview
    Flatten Brush: NewFixed Plane Option „Custom Plane“
    Radial Symmetry supports a custom center point
    Sculpt Brushes now Support Guide Snapping
    Backface Sculpting Option
    Edge Detect Option
    Mask Brush Improvement
    Symmetry Dialog: New „Find nearest point“ option
        Spline Brush SDK Example
        Other Additions

    Motion Tracker
    New Graph View with Top-Down and Graph mode
    Lens Distortion Tool for Camera Calibrator and Motion Tracker


    Performance and stability mprovements

    New OBJ Import/Export with support for materials
    New Sketchup Import
    FBX now supports Takes
    FBX improvements
    AE now supports Takes

    Integration of the Houdini Engine

    Workflow & Interface
    New robust Color Chooser
    Bitmap Shader has a new function to locate the file in Finder/Explorer
    "Locate Image..." now works correctly for presets
    Naming tool now also works with Tags, Materials, Layers and Takes
    Enhanced Camera HUD
    Rendersettings HUD
    Attributes Manager: New Layer mode
    Material Editor: Presets for refraction
    The last selected objects gets a different highlight color in the Object Manager
    The Texture Manager now can remove links to Textures (e.g. Textures in deactivated channels)
    The PictureViewer now also displays the frame number of the rendered frame.
    The rendertime display moved to a more prominent place in the PictureViewer
    The cursor keys can now be used to navigate the Texture Manager


    General speed up
    Metaball Enhancements: New „Line“ and „Triangle“ types, „Accurate Normals“ method
    Threaded redraw of texture custom user interface
    Automatic network proxy detection
    Viewport Dither
    New command line parameter to render Takes
    Merge now supports Takes
    New Override Node for XPresso
    New OpenGL base system Context, OpenGL 3.2 required
    Image loaders are now interruptable. This allows early exit for threaded user interface updates.

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    Well, let's kick off the discussion.

    First impressions - wow this is a really average update. Material Override is a headline feature? Variation shader? More motion tracker stuff? ...

    Not to be completely negative, the Take manager actually looks cool and very powerful. But yeah.

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    Guest Cineversity
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  • All features are listed :)

    There is no distinction on list between huge and small features. For example, Color chooser is listed as one liner but it is huge step forward. Same goes for Take system. It is superior scene and override management feature.

    Folks, if you have questions, don't be shy, I will gladly answer if it is in my area of expertise.


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    Guest MichiSchwarz

    Mmmmm.... So far so not impressed. Was hoping for a node based material system, GPU based rendering, sketch and toon with multiple cores. The override material is long overdue btw.

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    Ha, I picked the announcement date correctly. I'll hang off posting a longer reply once people have had time to take it all in.

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  • Check out new color chooser - it is packed with features. On screenshot I just enabled wheel and HSV, but you can have a lot more.


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    I will have to watch the Cineversity videos but I don't see $650 worth of improvements. A question for those who are familiar with 17 - is there anything in the modeling area that is as substantial as the polygon pen tool from 16? And not a thing about Bodypaint?

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    I guess the big deal for this release is the Take system. That seems pretty major. Not something I'd need but I can see others making good use of this.

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