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Leaving or staying with C4D for what and why?


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I have been having a change of heart about jumping ship mostly because of cost but also having to learn a new system. IF I could see my R17 Broadcast then that could help with the decision to jump ship to Modo. That said I am comfortable with C4D and am used to the work flow so I guess I will await my copy of R17 to play with, see if things change at MAXON in regards of communication then go from there.

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Question about Modo.  is there a type of MSA or how do they handle version updates as far as costs?


Currently no MSA.

To upgrade from 801 or earlier version to 901 is US $499 (or $474 from an online reseller). You are not penalized by skipping a version as you are with C4D.

Correct me if I've got it wrong anyone. You're also best to buy from an online reseller as you can save money from the list $1799.

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That's my understanding of Modo's upgrade policy. You can upgrade from any version at the same upgrade price - no penalty. I think it is a great policy. I understand as a company that penalizing someone for skipping a version is a way to increase revenue since you didn't receive their money for the previous upgrade, but I would imagine it drives away others from ever upgrading.

By the way, I took your advice and started the Rich Hurrey's Rigging Master Course. I'm about an hour and a half into it, and I've loved it so far. Only 58 and a half hours left.

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I think Modo's upgrade policy is very user friendly. The onus is on The Foundry to deliver an upgrade that people are willing to pay for. If they aren't then they can skip the upgrade until the next year. This all makes for much more happy users.

Also with no MSA currently although I think they are looking at it for corporate customers it doesn't tie them down to having to put out an upgrade every 12 months, it could be 14 months for example between versions.

The Rich Hurrey rigging course is just fantastic as apart from the rigging tools he covers virtually every schematic node (XPresso equivalent). I've done the first version and bought the upgrade to the latest version but haven't got around to starting it yet. I'm still getting up to speed with the modelling tools.

Another thing with Modo is you can shop around for the best deal. Once purchased the download appears your Foundry account as if you had purchased direct from The Foundry. They don't restrict their resellers from selling to overseas customers. For example I bought Modo 801 with free upgrade to 901 from sharbor.com for US $1299 The same reseller is not allowed to sell me Cinema 4D. I then downloaded 801 and 901 from my Foundry account.  There is no boxed version.

p.s. Every time I see a Modo ad here at the cafe I have to smile :)


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Anyone seen further videos on the Takes workflow, specifically ones working with third party plugins?

If 3d party renderer somehow not support new takes system, developer of renderer can get api of takes and apply it

Regarding news in the R17 SDK, here are a the most important points:

- Take System Support
- More C++ API Coverage
- Sculpting Additions
- Fixes

- Take System Support
- Token System Support
- UTF-32 Unicode Strings
- Removed Legacy Defines
- SculptBrush MouseData
- Sculpting Additions
- SplineHelp Enhancements
- Spline Functions
- Spline Brush SDK Example
- CKey Autotangent Support
- New Color Chooser Support
- Hover menu
- New Motion Blur API


Also if you have plug-ins earlier 15 or mawbe 16 sp2 - they will not work properly(a few features) or completely will not - https://developers.MAXON.net/?p=2700

need to recompile to brand new sdk and python sdk


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I will stay with CINEMA 4D. Even if the last three Releases where a little weak. I think longterm. And I have good feelings about the generell path C4D is going. Also I am very sure MAXON is working on a lot more than we currently know of. You just need to look at the amount of Developers MAXON employed the last Years. MAXON is many times bigger than a few years ago...there must be something going on what we can not see yet.

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Anyone seen further videos on the Takes workflow, specifically ones working with third party plugins?

I have made this Video about takes and tokens...not about Plugins with takes...but you can think of takes this way: You can store any Parameter that is available in the Attributesmanager in a separate take. So if a Plugin has parameter that are vissible in the Attributesmanager Takes can use them.



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I hear Kent Barber left MAXON in July, he developed sculpt for c4d and was involved in substance shader development.

MAXON will find replacement ... but how, seems they still have not second Dave O'Reilly, who made hair and sketch&toon. r15-16 had poor development of these modules

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It would be cooler if it had a substract function

In any case I just wanted to emphasise the difference in the development of other packages

i just watched another video for r17 (https://vimeo.com/135794929) and as a matter of fact the metaballs do have a substract function. it's called "negative influence" inside the metaball tag. ok it looks cool but also too slow (gpu demanding) and that with just simple objects


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More good news! So we can't even rely upon our plugins working...

yeah, a few developers left their business. for example, i can not hear Keith(developer or riptide and etc.). i don't know will be work or not

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