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Guest imynderup

Rush weekend job (4 shots)

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Guest imynderup
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  • August 15-17

    Need an animator for super tight deadline willing to complete the shots this weekend. There are 4 plate shots which need a Wildebeest herd running through them. We can supply the Wildebeest model that will be used. The shots are 2 aerials where we only see the shadows of them: (sun behind them casting in front of the camera.) Another shot is a "scatter shot" where a group of scatter as if startled. And, the last shot would be the herd stopping from a run. In all these shots we are only seeing the shadows cast from them onto the plates, we are not actually seeing the geo in the shot.

    The shots can all be tracked in C4D if you like.

    Aerial 1 is 90 frames, aerial 2 is 87 frames. The scatter shot is 33 frames and the stop in their tracks shot is 75 frames.

    This can be explained further and in clarifying detail if you are interested. Please email ASAP if you are interested in taking this on with your fees and rush costs if any. info@mantrahouse.com


    Thanks for your time and interest.



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