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(WIP) Futuristic Battle Tank


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Hello guys,

Today I start new project.

It will be some futuristic battle tank.

there are some photos of start. 1st i made a plasma canon.I will keep this post updated.


iam really excited how it finish.

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Hi there,looking good so far. Just one complaint,you have too many polygons that don't have any purpose to be where they are. Make sure you optimize them. :)




U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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Hello, i dont have much time.

But here is some bigger update. finally Finish brutto modeling.iam going to add some details.reduce polygons.optimize.

Next steps will be attach a weapons and texturing. :)

Here is a body of tank :


And here attached to wheels :


Hope you like it

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Guys, iam sorry that there is no update but. i must remake the front of my tank. bcs. i think it looked liek a tractor :D not much futuristic. so i remake it and post update

kinda looks a bit like a truck at the front, still looking good though im liking the tracks, one thing i would say is looking at where i assume the hatch to enter the vehicle is, it looks quite shallow id expect the body of the tank to be deeper than the tracks.

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