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Selling Cinema 4D Studio R17 Boxed

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  • Hey Guys,

    I'm sitting on a double licence which just got bumped to r17 and I'm not using the second anymore.
    Long story short, I have a small shop and I used to work with a partner which doesn't work here anymore so I'm left with a unused r17 boxed studio version.

    I'm looking at a price point around 2232 in dollars, which would be around 60% of what the new value would be and feels reasonable.

    Also wondering what advice people have on selling these, I'm aware of the transfer steps to be taken, more wondering what other platforms there are out there where I could post this and what price points these go for.

    If you have any Questions, about the price/payment and/or my registration for you to check up on, please contact me at coen.brasser@gmail.com

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    Hi, just be aware that the MSA is not transferable. The transfer fee as far as I know is not applicable in the UK. You can also sell it on EBay. You need to contact MAXON for the transfer form.


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    try posting it on mograph.net

    might be some buyers there.

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