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Clone onto Vertex Map?!

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jandro    0

Hi guys!

I was looking for some neat ways to control the distribution of clones on an object. The perfect solution would be to drive/handle it with an vertex map, since you can easily animate those...

I already tried to drop a vertex map shader into the luminance channel of a material and define with this black/white material, where the clones should appear (-> via shader effector)...This kind of seemed to be the most logic way to solve that issue...but unfortunately it didnt work at all...:D

Here are some ideas...but im not sure if this could work in any way..:D

Is there a way, to bring the Vertex Weight into the Proximal Shader? (The Shader Effector seem to work, driven by the Proximal Shader...)

Or is there a way to drive a Mograph Selection with the Vertex Map Weight?

OR....is there any xpresso setup/python effector out there, that you know of? :)

Thanks a lot in advance...Id appreciate every hint..!

Cheers, Jandro


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