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My Wip's & Finals

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Tiny update on my character!


Oh and for those who were wondering what that thing on his head is. It's a Force Field contained Medical Explosive Device :D he he he
Have written a small background story for this character and will publish it when finished!


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Here you go guys, finally finished with this interior project. Was my first and probably only visualisation project with Corona. I'm going to learn Unreal Engine 4 next and stay with the physical rend

What's up people!?  Haven't been around the past few years due to the fact that my work requires me to sit behind a pc monitor all day and I would like to do things in the real world as well 😅

Hi all!  First of all, hope everyone's had a great Christmas, I'm stuffed lol! So here's a first look at my project with color on the character! I still have to do the hair but haven't had time to

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On 6-11-2017 at 7:37 PM, Anthony Owen said:

Nice job!  And non symmetrical for all that detail.

Thank you! I used a technique were i projected a displacement texture of a face onto the model. I haven't begun on making the big shapes non symmetrical yet but the result is already nice so far.

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Wow, seems like it's been months since I've posted an update on this project. Have been so busy with work since the start of this year that I hardly have time or energy to work when I get home.

Still a work in progress since I've got to do the hair (damn the hairs :P) and give him an outfit, at least for the torso. The eyes took ages tweaking. Probably lots of room for improvement but It's good enough for me for this project.
Hope you like it everyone!

Oh and It's been made with Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Substance Painter and the render straight out of Marmoset Toolbag :)


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Hi people, good to be back here

I'm still alive lol, though I hardly ever do any personal projects besides on the job. Except for this one.....and I hate it lol

Have you ever worked on a personal project for so long that you stared to dislike it and just need to push yourself to put the energy and time in to finish it? Well I'm there ha ha.

I long ago accepted the fact that it wasn't going to be as awesome and realistic as I wanted it to be, but then again, this was only my second character I ever made, and probably the last since doing these kind of characters isn't really my thing. Again something I've learned during this project, which has been a lot!


The only thing I need to do and learn is how to give him eyebrows. Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to make realtime hair?


Anyway some background info on used programs: 

Cinema 4D for doing the modeling, sculpting in Zbrush and doing the texturing and rendering in Substance Painter and Marmoset.


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8 hours ago, VECTOR said:

How's it going man, glad to see you're well, alive and kicking:D nice work there, for brows i just use c4d hair, you can get some quite nice looking brows going 


Thanks man! Well, been through a rough patch during the last year but I'm getting back on track slowly.

I plan to make some more work in the coming months and hopefully end this project as well. I wish C4D hair would work but I need to get them into Marmoset Toolbag so I got to make some haircards.

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5 hours ago, DasFrodo said:

The guy looks like he's a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. :lol:


Seen all the star wars movies but never heard of Guardians of galaxy 🙂



liking the render below much more. New lighting conditions!


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