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18 hours ago, Vector said:

looking good bro, would look good if one of the tables was tipped over, maybe the furthest one? with that much chaos going on else where in the scene i doubt the tables would be be on their feet ;)


Thanks! I actually had that in mind but i thought it would be to chaotic in the end but tried it out when i read your message. Worked out pretty well and the shattered glass table top looks good as well :D
To be continued... 3:)

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Here you go guys, finally finished with this interior project. Was my first and probably only visualisation project with Corona. I'm going to learn Unreal Engine 4 next and stay with the physical rend

Thank you guys, on to the next! @eenendertig: That's exactly what I was going for :D I've also been busy the last two days with this turntable animation, hope you'll like it guys :)

Emanuelle 7? lol first time I've heard of it. Looks like a terrible movie. But yeah, went a bit overkill on the bloom. The final should have little or no bloom. Thanks :) Ha, thanks. If you're

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Hi all!
So I haven't posted anything in a long while regarding my project "The Pub" which I was working on a few posts back.
I didn't get the result i was working towards so I've put it on hold for the moment.

On the other side I've been working on something really cool as well which is a first for me since I mainly focussed on interiors/exteriors and my modeling skills are pretty rusty and not that good.
I began last month with modeling an elephant. How the hell can anyone shoot such a beautiful animal!? Really makes me sick.
Anyway i finished the base mesh and started sculpting the details in Zbrush since I want it to be a pretty realistic model.
I'm also going to create a scene for it in C4D later on when I'm finished in Zbrush but I thought I'd already share some images of the process.




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Small update. been working pretty had onall those wrinkles but it's coming along pretty nice it think. Transfered back to C4D just to see how it looks.
Also got a great idea for a scene.


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