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NEW Cafe T-Shirt design for Challenges!!

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  • @TheJimReaper, actually thats great idea but for this year we are going to go with what we have by now. As we all know, holidays are coming and I am sure vast majority of members here will be pretty busy so as Hrvoje and me, specially Hrvoje and you will find out soon why, actually pretty exiting news.  :Bananeyessss:

    As for me, my brother coming from Germany on a vacation and I am sure you guys understand why we are not going to take anymore responsibilities, as we are not sure are we going to be able to deliver. But we are going to introduce one new feature on the forums and thats SOLVED tags for topics via plugin which will cost as 100$.  That will be possible due to two member who will support us via Support Club as they sent me a PM for further info on how to become Support Club member.  So as soon as we receive payment, plugin will go into production as I've already contact one of the programmers at IPS forum.




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