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22 minutes ago, King of Snake said:


You do realise who the authors of the those two posts are right? (CEO & Managing Partner + CFO & Managing Partner).

They ARE the policy :)

Does anybody still believe there's a crack team of developers hidden away in secret busily preparing the next generation C4D under these guy's leadership? I think it shows why TRS happened.


The recent hiring of developers looks like they've only just woken up to GPU and multithreading so there's going to be years waiting for the performance other apps and plugins are providing today.


This blog seems to be an additional corporate mouthpiece aimed at investors rather than customers. Investors want vague feel good patronising BS about the challenges and the way forward, customers want detail. The blog was supposed to appeal to customers. The challenges MAXON perceives are those from investors who might be pi$$ed off if a subscription based service drastically reduces income and the real challenge will be to continue fleece the customer whichever payment method they choose. $Monthly Subs = $MSA/12 i.e. to make the monthly subs so unattractive that you'll be glad there's still a perpetual license MSA...


If these two post's are indicative of the future output then MAXON might as well close the blog and forget all about because this is not what customers want or hoped they would be getting.

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I'm happy hearing about subscription plans.  Since they all just got back from Christmas break I'm sure they have some cool things coming.  Call me an optimist.

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13 hours ago, SIgor said:

Those who made rules! I am sure if you go to work at MAXON you would have restriction, what you can and cant say, simple as that. Why would you even want to blame someone like you or me?! If we think like that, than I should be mad at Hrvoje, just becasue he can't share anything with me, whats the point. 


Who do you think made the rules. It sounds like you haven't even read the blog posts making comments like this. Please explain what you mean as this doesn't make sense to me.

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This place is getting ridicilous. After everbody here cried prior to its release how sh*** R17 is without having a single clue about it (strangely the R17 features have proved to be of great falue to pro users) now the whining about the blog starts. It was so obvious.


Everybody who works in team projects will welcome the increasing diversity in license models. How can you not?


I cannot image the shitstorm if they go more into detail of feature develpoment. Walls of whining threads ahead of us "...because I want feature X sooooo bad. How dare they implementing feature Y !!!!! They are so out of touch!!!!"


Maybe humbug threads like this are out of touch


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i just used R17 on my first work project ( been sticking to r15). And while i was looking forward to using takes and tokens. Im really dissapointed in the release. 


the tokens are great time saver. But for example the timeline editor just went to hell. No idea whats happening, but regularily have to close and open, or switch modes to stop it from flickering with other random objects. ( when its linked to the OM)


also it updates the viewport in real time ( i can't find an option to turn it off), so when im working on a heavy scene and need to adjust timing it is near impossible. have to fold all my viewports down or move camera so nothing is displayed. 


and for some reason i just don't trust the takes system. Feel like at any moments its just gonna swallow all my changes and go "this take has nothing on it". ( purely subjective, but i just don't feel confident enough to use it, so i just keep make alternate files. Token system is still a massive time saver for this). 

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I get your problems. They are there for sure.

Takes require a lot of attention and concentration from user side not to overwrite things here and there. They still can be improved but they are simply great in general.


Takes and Tokens? Cool for me and alot of other people.

Houdini engine? Great!

New Spline tools? Speeds up a lot for modeling

New shaders and overwrite are good, too (overwrite being overdue of course)


That's all solid and yes, not the greatest of all releases I know. But far away from what was discussed here before.


TR, Tracker and sculpting I do not use (3rd party stuff we have)


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