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Earth from Orbit/Space

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  • Hello cafe persons.

    Story is this...I opened an old scene file, that had in it a planet.

    This planet is from the same source as all my planets for the Solar System.

    Somehow, it looks better to me than the one I toiled over that was using the same materials,maps in the newer

    scene files. I am not sure why,  Physical Rendering was the the render module on this old scene.but it works both ways.

    Well, I am using this planet now in the BSG Arrival....but,,I wanted to do a decent-good Orbiting Flight and put this music to it.


    Heroic Journey-Earth from Space/Orbit Cinema4D.
    Music by XRay Dog-Sit up and listen.
    I love this piece of music.It is so familiar,the melody,the ambiance,
    chord changes.It is so warm and welcoming.
    Uplifting and wondrous.Triumphant and serene.


    YTube version



    "if I may,let you experience the inspiration that music can invoke.
    And the images to try and reinforce or capture or sustain or present that which you hear."
    Randal R.

    -- Ever get that feeling from a movie trailer, you can't wait to see it ? --That is what it does to me.

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