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C4D Cafe lost and new files,free to use!


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I added a link in the Downloads area to 30 Gb of free example and learning files which I have collected over the years. A lot of those older files which have been lost in the Cafe transition are there

I'm so glad you guys can use them!  Those files are my second brain.  I forever need to go back and look up how I did something because there's no way I can remember all this stuff.

So the procedure for accessing the files will be: files are for members only and no more just my posting a link. This will be a perk of membership. Please send us an email on "c4dcafestorage

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Glad you like them! Some day I will add all the ones I've added in the last 6 months (like Voronoi Fracture technique examples and such)

I use my set constantly because there is no way I can remember how I did all these things and luckily my "second brain" shows me how the technique was done.

It's safe to say that there is a lot to know with C4D.

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54 minutes ago, Murryous said:

Hi, I still didn't recive any email from you :/

I checked, and you actually need to check your Google Drive, not sure there will be any email. There is no requests tickets which means you already have access to files. :)

U-Render Quality Assurance | C4D Cafe Contributions

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23 minutes ago, javcarcrash said:

Hola, nno entiendo como hacer para descargar los archivos.  Me iindicas por favor.   


Por favor, use sólo Inglés en este foro. Puedes usar Google Translate.

You can access these files by sending a support ticket ( select 'storage access' as type).


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Guest bobthebokdro

Hi all... compliments of the season to you all.. i am new to Cinema 4D and still learning and read about the 30g files of tutorials?? is this still available for me to get my hands on it by any chance?  Regards Chase


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