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Character object adjust to bind

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jhzondervan    0

Hey everyone!


I got a problem, I'm trying to RIG a scorpion with the C4D character object. I thoughed i fixed this problem before and it was because I was in R17 I went to R16 and the problem was gone. but that was back then, now i have it in both versions...

so this is my problem:
I've made the character object, made a Insect with all the bones i want and went to adjust to place the points on the right spots. after this I go to bind and EVERYTHING just jumps around and ^%@!s up.. the bones aint on the spots i told them to be and where they go just feels 100% random..


I added the file so you guys can take a look, hope you can help! I just have no idea where to start




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HSrdelic    644

Sorry, no time to dissect your file, however I did a scorpion walk rig a while back and client doesn't have anything against public posting anymore :)

Hope it helps as learning resource.


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