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Harrisons Secret Wish - Finished Animation


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Okay...just posted this on Vimeo.

Basically, finally figured out a way to start using all the Black Friday deals I purchased last November.  If you can think of a better intro tag to make it funnier, please feel free.  Converting the models to C4D was not easy and took a ton of time.  Rendering took over 50 hours and it took two takes to finally work out the kinks with everything...in particular the simulations.


But overall, I am happy with it.  I hope you are too.


P.S.  Any good sound effects guys out there...music is just not enough.

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Glad you liked it.  I had a lot of fun making it.  For my next project, I have to look no further than the cover of the next Cinefex magazine for inspiration:



Interestingly enough, C4Depot just came out with an update to Infinite Dunes (v2).  Between that an using TFD for the sand kicked up by the passing ships (slight variation in color to the dust simulation I used in the previous animation), this should be quite interesting and once again "fun" to make.



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