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ACE typography for Axoo, South-Korea - more highres shots here!     

Been a while since I've been here, guess my topic and all posts got deleted when the new forum came so here I go again ^^ Just posted some new work for Jean Paul Gaultier, more highres angles on

Some recent personal late night explorations, all 7 different ones in highres here!     

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^ Thanks Sigor!!


First client neon I did with Octane - very happy with the result - had some time for this so worked on adding more details/remodeled the parts I've been using for a while..

Animation and more high res renders here!



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Had so much fun with these for Star Wars Day 2017!! Lightabers modeled with official blueprints..

A lot of highres, closeups, clayrenders here!

There is a second jedi version also but I can't seem to add it here - check the link ;) thanks!


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18 minutes ago, SIgor said:

Cream, are those images render only in Octane? (all of them)

Call me Wes ;)

Yes that is all Octane, little to no Photoshop after to push the contrast of the colors a bit.

18 minutes ago, StCanas said:

Absolutely lovely stuff, as usual.

Thanks man, appreciate it!

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On 6/19/2017 at 8:03 AM, Cream said:

Some experiments trying to learn sss in Octane, whole series in highres here!


love this series!  I want to play with that thing, even though I don't know what it does.  

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1 hour ago, nerv said:

love this series!  I want to play with that thing, even though I don't know what it does.  

It does have a tactile quality that makes you want to touch it. Partly due to the materials and partly due to the attention to detail.

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Ha thanks so much guys, those are nice comments!
There is a chance I will soon do a commercial project in this style for a client so hopefully I can share some more soon!

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