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Rig exclude when cloth starts

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jhzondervan    0

Hey guys!


I have a question for you guys. Im working on a project where a character needs to morph in a diverent character WHILE being animated.. so i did make the RIg and it works! BUT... the character also needs to swap cloths in the morph.. so i made a setup where the old cloths get riped off and the new clothes apear with a transparancy. (see the file) it works prity well, but when it is riged the cloth riped parts are still effected by the rig. I dont want this. what i can do it transfer the weightmap to a vertex map and with a xpresso subtract the vertex map there the cloth has been, but this is a HUGE! pain since there are 4 characters in the rig to morph..


In short:

is there a way to exclude a RIG from the vertexes that are being affacter by the cloth (driven by a vertex map)?

shirt swap test_0001.rar

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