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R17 new Variation Shader - changes colour randomly? Bug?

Guest mattwilljoe

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Guest mattwilljoe

Hi there, Im using the new Variation Shader in R17 on a clone of spheres -  it works fine for say 100 frames but then changes colour completely

as if someone has animated the seed of the colour - has anyone come across this - need to sort it asap

thanks guys


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.00.22.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.00.30.png

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Hello Matt,

Are you sure you didn´t change/animate some cloner or shader parameters? I was tried to replicate your problem, but didn´t found anything.

Can you post scene example?

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Guest mattwilljoe

Thanks Bezo - Im stripping the file down and its seems to be something weird like a visibility in the display tag - I havent figured it out yet

but thanks for your time.

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Guest jackbenimble

Same thing happening to me, nothing that could be affecting the color, it just switches the overall color once the mograph object reaches it's final form.

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Hi guys, i think i had the same problem when i was following along with greyscale gorillas tutorial using the variation shader. I did two lots of cloned objects going off of the one text object and it started flickering the colours randomly when the second set of clones started, i think that set it off. But It might help baking the dynamics before rendering too. Not sure if that helps.


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I'm having this problem now, I was following a greyscalegorillas tutorial on particle emitters and I added a variation shader for the random colours and once I started to render I saw the colours kept changing... anyone found a source of the problem or a way to fix this?



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I’ve had similar problem in both R17 and R18 using the variation shader with a textured image, after making an object invisible.

C4D processes objects from top to bottom in the object manager, the solution was to place the object with the variation shader texture above everything else, or bake the texture – which I’ve found baking works for any texture that flickers or changes during animation – e.g. noise patterns.

Have attached two scene files; when you render both out, “VShader_Fault” reproduced the problem, and “VShader_Fixed” fixed the problem.




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