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C4D / Vray Pipeline for Character design

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Been spending some more time with the hair system.  Here is a video that should help others that are new to this.




Website: Home Page link

Hair System Overview (1hr 32m)

1: Intro

2: Tools overview

3: Methods to add Hair

4: Guides

5: Styling hair workflow

6: Hair Material

7: Dynamics

Timelapse making a simple hair style




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Hi everyone.


I will get back to the female character, but have been learning many things in general including Vray.  Here are some initial tests from my progress in learning it.  This is the Skin shader in Vray beta 3.3, and the hair shader.








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17 hours ago, Visionnext said:

Hi Recto,

Great job so far. I really like the hair in the last one. Are you referring to the last beta from June?

I assume that the brows are part of the texture maps.

Thanks.    The brows are indeed on the provided textures.  My test are primaraly getting to grips with the Skin shader which looking at it seems simple, but in practice its rather difficult to get the balance.   



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Still going back to this assets while learning C4D, and now Vray is added to the mix.  Things are starting to shift forwards a bit more as I learn C4D and Vray.  The hair tools are great! even although in this image ts not showing off its full potential, this is because im now onto Vray Skin shader.  Remember she is only 7k, and is not a high res still, she is rigged.  This was cropped from a full body render which took 40min to render.  If this was not cropped, this image would have taken between 15-20min using Vray 3.3 beta.  

Open the full size image to get a proper sense of detail, and clarity.  This is a very small preview compared to the actual size.


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Another Vray4C4D skin shader test.  Getting to grips with the Vray Skin shader.  This is a model I purchased many years ago called MIKI 2, she was a good model to do another test on.  All of this should help get me up and running with my own future works.  I had to re work maps, sculpted details, added C4D hair brows, and peach fuzz.


Full size image link full size



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Started working back on Hair, and Skin in Vray, this time working with Alsurface.   She is a low polygon mesh I made a while ago and have been adapting her.  This is a W.I.P and rendered the full body in 25min, this is a cropped version.


Slight different Hue


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Really great work Rectro. I'm especially admiring the eyes because I'm struggling at the moment on creating eyes for an old sculpture I'm bringing back to life. Did you create seperate objects for the cornea, sclera, iris and such?

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52 minutes ago, Visionnext said:

Great image. I wish I could reach this quality already. I'm still struggling with Vray 3.4 and the new features. Seems that you are far ahead here, especially regarding skin.

Thanks, appreciate your comments. Because Im working on a likeness, this set up is to give me fast visual feedback, the texture map is hand painted, the final map will have more detail in it. The SSS is using one hand painted diffuse  colour map, the ALsurface is doing the rest.  Very important is the skin detail, and getting the Reflection amount, and roughness right with the maps.  Iv got a kind of formula that seems to work with using the right values, il post my findings. (see image below, may need to click see full size a few times)  The secondary Refection has a IOR at 0 so it shows directly at the front of face, the Primary IOR is 1.7 pushing the reflection with a gloss of 0.5 to outer edge.  Both Reflections use same amount map, only the Primary has its exposure at 2.


48 minutes ago, PrivatePolygon said:

Really great work Rectro. I'm especially admiring the eyes because I'm struggling at the moment on creating eyes for an old sculpture I'm bringing back to life. Did you create seperate objects for the cornea, sclera, iris and such?

Thanks, glad you like it so far.  The eyes are two shells.  Inner shell which has the flat diffuse colour map.  The material is using a blend of diffuse and SSS from the Advanced Vray Material.  Outer Shell is reflection, and refraction.  Just one key Area light, no Gi, and one Rim light.




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