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C4D / Vray Pipeline for Character design


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1 hour ago, Visionnext said:

Nice GI image. Love the eyes with the reflection. Not so sure about the texture structure on the nose tip, but as I understood this is only a test texture for the skin shader.

Thanks and yes it's a basic zbrush spray and dot alpha all over.  Will be tweaking face today, then start doing proper texturing.  Xyz alphas may be my choice along with some hand painted colour maps.  There is 3 bump slots so I will do 3 separate layers.  I need to do these temp phases to keep me motivated.

These may be enough for mu purpose.  https://texturing.xyz/collections/human/products/alphaskinface-01


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New in Vray 3.5 we have a Hair shader (Vray-HairTxtInfo) that works with both Vray hair materal and the new ALhair.  This lets you control many aspects of the hair including the opacity along the length.  This gets you a nice soft look to the tips without making the hair thin at the tips.  Also it doubles as a nice Alpha maker for transparency maps.

For still renders one can wait for 40 min for a render but for animation thats not a choice so other hair solutions is needed.  Hair cards are the way to go that can be made dynamic.  The problem is getting a decent hair texture and alpha that matches the hair your rendered.

Below is a example of using the new shader to aid in producing both the hair texture colour and alpha, and how well it looks at render time.  It looks as good as the real hair render, yet a 1hr render on a laptop takes only a 26 seconds on a plan geometry card.  Further tests coming soon with the actualy application of it in use.





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Hi @Rectro. Sorry to bother you in your thread but do you happen to know how generate C4D hair in a Curve Tube from Zbrush? I couldn't find any command in C4D but I could be wrong. 
The last resort would be to select the edge vertical edges of the tube geometry then convert edges to spline but as you might know this will take a considerable amount of time.


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Hi.  What you would need to do is select the edges by ring select in each tube, and use the command in mesh commands to convert edge to spline, then convert spline to hair in the simulation menu.  Next store its position  in hair object  menu, then root to head.  Make selection set on head drag into hair tag into guides field, then restore from hair tag.  Do the store/restore to keep the guides position.


You now have one lot of guides made from the shape of the single tube, and rooted to hair.  Change the roots options for guides and hair to be polygon area, even maybe use a desity map to limit the growth.  You need to do this for each tube of hair.  For such as simple hair style id just do it from C4D right off by selecting a bunch of polygons where you want bangs of hair to grow from, paint a density map and group each bang of hair and style it using the move brush, combination of hair modes such as tips and guides.



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Hi @Rectro. Thanks for the reply. That was what I was thinking in my last resort, but with the several clay tubes (see in the image), selecting the edge ring might take same time. Or there is a better way in selecting rings altogether? So far what I know is click the geometry and press U-B. 

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