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C4D / Vray Pipeline for Character design

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Hello everyone.

Been around here a short while, been asking questions and trying where I can to help out with my very limited knowledge in Cinema 4D.

So im not new to 3D, in fact iv had a pipeline going with Zbrush, MODO, and Unfold 3D, and wanted to venture into Animation, and Mograph.

My first learning stages have been to bring what I am custom to from MODO to C4D R16 Studio.  Its been a delight to learn C4D so far, and appreciate the help from others here.  So this project started off out of C4D a while ago, and now im bringing it into C4D to set up shaders, lighting, hair, rigging to do my finnal work with it while learning the process of C4D.  My next project which is under way will be entirely made within C4D to learn its features and tools. For now I thought id share what iv come up with so far.  I have plenty of work to do on it, but its a good learning process.  All render shots are C4D standard renderer.


Full image size: http://imgur.com/7CV9NNV

Thanks, Daniel.




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Quick update here.  Working on the skin shader a bit more, and spec maps.

Render times are not bad at around 25min for a complete body at over 5k.  Hair is poor at the moment, will work on a new hair another day.


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thats looking really nice! You modelled all that yourself in modo? You got a portfolio link or something?


[edit]: found it. WOW great work man! gonna be watching your videos soon i think. :D

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Hi .

Thanks, Yes I modelled it myself using Zbrush and MODO. She started as a free form sculpt without reference, then I took it into MODO and retopologized her, and make accessories such as hair strips, eyes, teeth, Tongue, Lashes dress.  Iv streamlined the process now, so I can do the same thing in any app, which I will do on my next project purly in C4D to better learn all the tools.

You can see some of my past works on my website.   http://www.daniel-ripley.co.uk


Thanks, Dan.

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Thank you ahven, reminds me I must crack on with this..  Yep it was handy to have that cloth shader at hand when I wanted to concentrate on other things.  

The hair is the thing im developing a work flow with, will update this tomorrow with some previews.  The clump and reprell brush are doing a nice job and seems to help with getting a more realistic look.  The new spine tools in r17 may be yet another way to get control over the style.



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Having some issues with the hair, iv had to come up with a way around two main problems.

1: Intersecting layers at the root causing bad spec highlights

2: Hair looking flat, with hardly any strands visible.

3: Controlling Clumps

First issue was a very bad one, iv found that if I have less hairs, but use the clone to make the hairs up that spec issue is resolved.

Second issue was partly to issue 1, and not enough colour variations.  Using the S,V variation, and tint colour in blend mode Darken, this brought out strands.

Third issue was solved buy duplication the hair tag, making a new selection set applied, and re root the guides,  The style from the hair is kept, but is limited to the guides.  I used Repell brush with Ctrl key to clump together, also use the clump setting foe the hair tag, not in the material.  The last layer I added frizz.

Real hair has at least two colours to the spec, a light main spec, and a colour tinge, setting these up separately got me the look im after.  Still got some work to do, but am getting there.  Next is to apply this to a real hair style.


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