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UV Map on Cone Help?

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  • Hi

    I am a packaging designer and I have a project where I want to create a render of an ice cream container. My flat artwork (Adobe illustrator) is using the cutter guide supplied by my client which is a flattened out version of the ice cream carton which is a cube shape. The artwork is curved top and bottom and all the graphic elements are rotated around the cutter guide so that when this is printed it will fit the cone shape perfectly. The problem I have is that when I try to UV map this in Cinema 4D I can't get the correct shape in any of the projection options, I basically just need to flatten or unwrap the cone out, but can't figure this out. I've used Strata 3D in the past, and I think they use Silo or Wings to do this. 

    The attached file here shows what I want. This is a rough drawing showing the basic idea.  A = my cone shape in C4D. B = My original artwork in Illustrator (not the real one, this is just an example). C= the closest map I can get (Box / Cube 2) to what I want, but the whole thing is split up into side panels. D = This is a drawing of the UV map I'm after, so that I can drop my artwork file into this shape.

    Is this something to do with the UV Setup (Cubic vs Angle Mapping in Step 2). Any clues as to how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. I'm still learning C4D so please explain it simply, as I'm not 100% familiar with all the options available to me. Thank you.


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    1, add single edge at the back of cup (place, where the strip of polygons will be open)

    2, drag UVW tag to texture view

    3, switch to UV polygon mode (needed for enabling projections options) and select flat projection

    4, open Relax UV tab

    5, check "Cut selected edges" option

    6, select "LSCM" mode and hit Apply

    7, with E,R,T (move, scale, rotate ) align your UV mesh as you need



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  • Oh Fantastic Bezo.  Thank you. That's great. Really appreciate the steps, I have no idea why I couldn't google something so simple . Thats exactly what I was trying to do. Cheers.

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