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New Version of IPS is out 4.1.12 - FINISHED

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  • While upgrading to new IPS version with some neat upgrades, some disturbance may occur. Thanks for understanding!


    EDIT: Upgrade is done and everything went very well. :cowboypistol:




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  • New version brings:


    Version 4.1.12 of the IPS Community Suite is now available.

    This is a maintenance release to fix reported issues and add refinement to existing features. In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, it includes following enhancements:

    New Features:

    Activity Stream enhancements:

    • The filter dropdowns now have an "Apply" button for better usability (previously you had to click outside the dropdown).

    • The "Expanded/Collapsed" toggles are now clearer.

    • Hitting back from a clicked item in any activity stream now remembers your position and loaded results.

    Other enhancements and improvements:

    • The way dates are formatted can now be customised by language strings. For example, if you want to change the date format to "DD-MM-YYYY" that is now possible. With this change, the new default is US-style ("March 4, 1992") rather than the previous European-style ("4 March 1992").

    • Advertisements no longer have padding which makes them easier to position in other areas such as headers.

    • When comparing revisions of articles in Pages databases, a new browser-based diff tool is used which is more user-friendly and moves the computation from the server to the user's browser for greater performance.

    • Better indication of files pending approval in Downloads.

    • The version number for themes now displays in the AdminCP list.

    Technical features:

    • If you are using the utf8 rather than utf8mb4 character set (which will mean you can't post Emoji) there is a new tool in the AdminCP to upgrade to utf8mb4.

    • System logs have been rewritten to use the database for logging where possible with a more user-friendly interface in the AdminCP.

    • Downloading files from Amazon S3 has been changed to redirect the user to a temporary download URL rather than serve the file through your server for significantly improved performance and reliability, especially with large files.

    • If it is available on the server, ImageMagick will now be used rather than GD by default. ImageMagick also has a new setting to control JPG quality.

    • APC User Cache is now supported in addition to APC.




    | MAXON Quality Assurance Specialist | 3D Asset Creator | C4D Cafe Manager |

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