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automated objects replacing with instances


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so as i say in the title is there something like this -a plugin,script or some way to do this

in fact i found,i can say a half of the solution here with this script-(i didn't try it yet) http://forums.cgsociety.org/archive/index.php?t-1126139.html . or here http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=288976 so you can convert many objects to instances at once

....but it would be very handful if C4d could automatically select all the objects which are identical(by geometry) because i know that i can select all the objects which has same material,but i have for example many objects which have the same material but have different geometry

i hope it make sense

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ok, here it is, you must select an editable, polygonal object, doesn't work with splines or generators, but maybe i can include that if i see a need for it.

place in the scripts folder :\MAXON\CINEMA4D RXX\library\scripts

the options are as follows:

Select Similar Objects - this only selects the other geometry equal objects in the scene (I actually use this quite often, but till today i used an old and more buggy script :)
Replace with instances - self explaining option :lol:

render instances - turns on the option in the newly created objects

ignore materials - by default the script takes into account the materials applied to the objects, so you don't replace an objects that has the same geometry, but different textures



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ok thank you very much,so it's selecting only the objects which has the exact same size....i posted here a link to a script that does that,but unfortunately i saw that the objects which i have are not the exact same size(but has the exact same geometry) it would be wonderful if it can select objects only by same geometry,yet i don't know if it's possible something like that

but i saw another talk here in the forum which are some scripts/plugins for making multiple objects have the exact same size but kuroyume python doesn't work for me and the links to coffee scripts doesn't work anymore

i would much appreciate it if you could create a plugin which can do that (making objects have the exact same size in all 3 axis)

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