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automated objects replacing with instances


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sorry for late response    

that is fantastic!!!:oregonian_winesmiley:you are the man!!!

 ....i can't thank you enough! exactly what i needed

that will be alot helpful and for other people too

Bulgarians are the best!!! :Bananeyessss:

and - the force be with you!

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hey,me again,.....i know i'm asking maybe too much but can you make this script also for polygons(group of polygons here) not objects

let me explain you in fact what i want - i have a church building,with a lot of elements,of course  which is not made by me and it's imported from another software 

so in fact i just want to optimize it - like reducing the file size and for better viewport response

so i have this object which is made by these many elements screenshot.jpgand i was thinking to make those elements separate ,(by element in this case i mean,the polygons which are selected here)

and from these elements to make instances

so i was thinking if i have those polygons selected then if it's possible for you to make a change in your script for selecting similar group of polygons.


or is it better for me in this case to leave them grouped in one object as it is right now? that is another problem which i don't quite understand - is it better to have many instances in your scene or is it better to group objects and thus having less objects.

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somehow i didn't see your question. Cinema 4D can handle a lot of polygons quite well. It struggles with a lot of objects. So simply put - It's better to have one object with 1000 polygons than to have 1 polygon and a 999 instances of it. Instances are very powerful when you need a copy of a complex object or when you have a lot of objects that you want to be able to change simultaneously .

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