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New Forum Enchantments BLOG / SUPPORT etc.

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Dear members of C4D Cafe,


as you could see, after two days of working on forum enchantments I am happy to introduce what is new from today.


From today, we are going to have BLOGS, which are going to serve us for many things like NEWS, REVIEWS etc.

Reviews are something that pretty much everyone asked to be back again, so we decided to bring them back. First fresh REVIEW is on its way, until then, you can read some of @Vozzz personal reviews which are great. You can also write your own reviews if you want. Of course, those reviews will be checked and if we decided that they are stupid and really bad, we are going to delete them. Make sure reviews are worth of our time!


Second thing we incorporated is direct SUPPORT for which you will not have to go to your email account to send us an email or request or something else. We will test this feature and if its shows useless we are going to remove it. 


Also, another thing we decided to do is to remove Google ADs for members that makes significant contribution to C4D Cafe. Members like @teknow, @bezo, @Vozzz, @cerbera etc (I am sorry if I missed someone and I am sure I did )will not see any of Google ADs. For now I will have to pick manually who belongs into that group. Also, if you are Cafe GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE supporter, you will not see Google ADs.

We also removed Google ADs from HOME page completely and from TOP forum spots and incorporate them only into forums topics, as they tend to make less mess for everyone, at least we hope so. Those ADs will only be seen by guests, new members, regular members and some Cafe Oldtimers, admins and moderators.  Cafe Contributors will not see them!!


You could also see that we changed and optimize TOP advertising banners for which we think that they are now much more pleasing and it will stay on the same position which wasn't  the case for old versions. 


We also tried to incorporate 3rd column on the left, but we think they are just to much for now. I am trying to find some good CSS coder to make HOME page much more pleasing for everyone, mostly to logically. align everything. 


As always your suggestions are more than welcome, so feel free to give us your honest opinion, we would appreciate that. 

Next for us to do is to fix some back end stuff like SEO/GOOGLE SEARCH etc  and to make HOME page better for everyone. Unfortunately we had to remove gallery because is just to messy for now, but we are working on it to make it right. 


I really hope you guys like new enchantment and I hope your stay will be more enjoyable.


Kind regards,



P.S. Challenges are coming back in a few days, we also have a new format for them, so stay  tuned. :cowboypistol:

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