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Egg cracking effect

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  • Hi there,

    I am wanting to create an animation where by an egg is hit and cracked by a spoon.

    I am new to C4D but would like to use this program to achieve a more realistic look. I wondered if anyone could give me any clues as where to start in achieving this? Like I say, I'm new to this programme but thought there is a way of using the built in dynamic/mograph effectors or something?

    I would also like for the yolk to spill out and drip down the front of the egg after the initial hit. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Any help would be most appreciated 




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    Assuming you can't wait for, or upgrade to R18, in which this would be hilariously easy with the new voronoi fracture, there are several approaches within R17S... Here's 2.

    1. The Smashing: This is probably going to involve fracture objects and dynamics, or even the Nitroblast plugin (or Thrausi, catastrophe or X-breaker) . You'd set the spoon to be a collider, and the dynamic breaking would be set to activate 'on collision'.

    2. The yolk I would try with a metaball made of splines and / or primitives, easily animatable by moving the source objects about... If that didn't work, I'd Sub-D model it, and use pose morph to do the drip.

    Hope some of that gets you started...



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