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Cycles for C4D


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I have just heard a rumour that Insydium are bringing Cycles to C4D.

Nothing more I can say other than can anyone else confirm the rumour as fact or have I fallen for a hoax?

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Nice. This is the open-source render tech used in Blender right? Make sure I'm not talking about a different Cycles tech. 


"To use Cycles, it must be set as the active render engine in the top header. Once that is done, interactive rendering can be started by setting a 3D View editor to draw mode Rendered using Shift-Z. The render will keep updating as modifications are done, such as changing a material color, changing a lamp’s intensity or moving objects around. To perform a full render go to Properties > Render w here you can either choose to render a still image or an Animation. Cycles may be able to use your GPU to render. To see if and how you can use your GPU for rendering, see the documentation on GPU Rendering."


Mind already wandering as to how the creative minds at Insydium might integrate this / what workflows might be accelerated by it. Rapid previewing of large-scale particle systems perhaps? If so, please in the name of all that is holy and good, make Mac / AMD cards  first class citizens in this new workflow.

[Just got the newsletter, seems to suggest a nice integration with XP which would be fantastic. In the absence of a new MAXON viewport better able to handle large particle systems, a specialized viewport from Insydium would be fantastic assuming it continues the same quality of XP. That would be a "take my money!" scenario.]


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On 7/28/2016 at 1:35 AM, Mauriciopc said:

That would be lovely since I feel cycles is way better at photorealism than C4D physical render and also much much faster. 

Like others it's mostly updated way more frequently than C4D physical render. At the rate things progress in third party renderers right now MAXON should do the same to not finish completely behind one day. 

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Cycles coming to C4D is a very interesting prospect as Cycles development continues at pace and who knows where MAXON intends to take the Physical renderer if anywhere?

As we've decided to scale back on 3D work the whole GPU rendering becomes more attractive to quickly turning around small projects. We are waiting for Sierra to decide whether we use eGPUs over TB2 on our iMacs or build a custom PC stuffed with GPUs to replace our venerable Mac Pros in the renderfarm.

If Insydium make it very attractively priced compared to Octane it could become the de facto Physical Renderer in C4D. 

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12 minutes ago, Cutman said:

If Insydium make it very attractively priced compared to Octane it could become the de facto Physical Renderer in C4D. 

I also think we can count on Insidium to be tightly integrated with C4D like X-particles and be able to use things like mograph multishader, at least I hope so.

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Hi Mike,

 It will be a challenge to "beat" success of XParticles, but it looks really, really amazing. Looking on screenshots must say huge amount of work was made on this project. Great job guys...

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