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Cycles for C4D


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On 07/11/2016 at 1:33 AM, jwiede said:


OTOH, I am a bit interested in whether Cycles4D will offer integration functionality with X-Particles (and similar "volumetric" plugins) beyond what is currently available in VrayForC4D.  That's one area where I expect Insydium to put a LOT of effort, and could possibly beat Thinkbox Krakatoa in terms of offering a particle/volumetric-optimized render engine (in Cycles4D), surpassing other general purpose third-party render engines as well in that regard.  

We shall see.  IMO, the low cost cited for Cycles4D would make it very attractive if it offers optimized particle/volumetric rendering broader/deeper than existing options, and that could possibly give Cycles4D an "initial sustained niche" in the C4D market.

I said at the beginning that Cycles4D could become the de facto Physical renderer of choice for C4D....but that was before MAXON announced their provender based solution.

That's a good point about volumetrics, C4D certainly needs and update to pyroclusterf.... and one tuned for XParticles would be very welcome.

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On 11/10/2016 at 5:19 AM, Cutman said:

This is a regular misconception about VRayforC4D, the developers didn't get the necessary SDK for many months so point the finger at Chaos group not Stefan and his crew. Given the delay they faced they're actually not that far behind the other versions.

VRay documentation is appalling on every platform not just on C4D.

All VRay versions are released but might as well be labelled betas just like the C4D version. Chaos Group seem focussed more on the Max version than anything and if the C4D version was brought in house I think that could be a backward step.

I don't feel there's a misconception on my end. I was aware of the SDK issue and that being on chaosgroup. I don't mean to slam Stefan and his team. They should be applauded for how far along they are. I've used the beta - it's MUCH better. Still very buggy in some areas but I still wouldn't rely on it during production. I agree that if chaosgroup took over now it obviously would be a step backwards. But my point by saying that is because of c4d being behind for so long.

Maybe this is never going to be a problem ever again. But regardless of who's fault it is - the fact is it's been a frustrating couple of years and a whole bunch of people feel that. Despite knowing all of that, I'm still even considering buying this for personal work at home since I don't have a gpu machine (yet). Despite that terrible forum... it's still the fastest cpu render engine.


... should quickly apologize... really cause i dont' wanna derail this convo away from cycles... which i already have haha...


I am 100% going to buy cycles for sure with that price tag. No reason not to really. Looks amazing

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12 minutes ago, suriosmo said:

The tests where done on CPU, the question you replied to was referring to GPU comparisons.  

I saw that link last year, it was very informative, id like to see a update to this as one of the cons againts the renderer im using  Vray was complexity, since then setting up has become way more easy with the quick setup quality sliders, the manual hasnt changed however still bad.


Im looking forward to trying our cycles when the demo is out, thats when we can each evaluate the differences for ourselfs.



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On 11/17/2016 at 1:10 PM, Tibbs said:

So has there been any info on how Cycles4D fares against Octane in regards to speed? Maybe something along the lines of a single and dual 980ti/1080 setup?

This is a subjective reply, Octane feels faster to me, Cycles IRP causes C4D to run slow at times (I am using a 980TI/1070 setup).  I really enjoy working with Cycles in terms of Mat setup, or scene setup.  I like the look of Cycles and feel it compliments my Octane purchase

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3 hours ago, existe said:

This is a subjective reply, Octane feels faster to me, Cycles IRP causes C4D to run slow at times (I am using a 980TI/1070 setup).  I really enjoy working with Cycles in terms of Mat setup, or scene setup.  I like the look of Cycles and feel it compliments my Octane purchase

Thanks! I've been eyeing GPU rendering for awhile. I have a 980ti in my machine now, and I think I'm going to pick up a copy of Cycles + an additional 980ti. I was on the fence but I too really like the Cycles aesthetic and already having x-particles makes this almost a no-brainer. 



3 hours ago, INSYDIUM said:

Cycles 4D Demo Out Now! Try before you buy - Your FREE 30 Day Demo of Cycles 4D is now available to download at http://insydium.uk/try-cycles-4d/

Don't forget to visit our Free Online Video Manual page http://video.cycles4d.net/ and Downloads page http://insydium.uk/downloads/ you'll be up and running in no time!



Does Cycles support GPU net rendering?

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I just downloaded the demo , and the IPR (on cpu ) is so so slow , it is the same speed as magic preview (and maybe magic preview is faster ) I just added a sphere and one light , no materials no complex geometry ..etc and it is slow as hell .... 

I will try the other things that aren't related to the IPR Now ......

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Pulled the trigger on Cycles 4D last night. On my single 980ti + 5820k 4.4Ghz, it's really fast. Maybe because I'm coming from the Advanced/Physical rendering world of C4D, but regardless, my initial impression is fast. I also ordered a GTX 1080 to compliment my 980ti so I'll report back with rendertimes etc as soon as I can play around some more.

First impression was really good. This looks like a fun and exciting rendering engine. The Nodal texturing is definitely a plus!

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