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Importing from AI to C4D - Broken Shapes


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Hey Guys,


I have what seems to be a pretty straightforward problem. I am importing a logo from illustrator (saved out as illustrator 8) and somehow its being broken on import to C4D. Im just opening it in C4D. (File - Open) One of the shapes is missing its other half. See the attached file, Broken Spline.png. There is supposed to be a hole in that squiggle shape but its missing one half of the hole when it gets imported into C4D. See normal shape.png.

The paths are joined in illustrator, so I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have tried importing this with all the shapes on one layer in illustrator and all saved on separate layers and the problem persists.

I have tried importing with connect splines both on and off and it didn't make a difference either way.

I would really really appreciate any help. Im sure its something dumb but I just cant figure it out.

Thanks a million


Normal Shape.png

Broken Spline.png

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 Thanks for the help but I'm not sure I understand. When I import I have close splines selected but the right side of the 0 shape is entirely missing.


woyld you mind sending me the c4d file you created?


thanks again man, really appreciate the help

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Guest Harrybee

BTW: You can also use the 'Connect' object to combine 2 or more splines instead to connect & delete both splines to keep flexible in case of complex splines.




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Hi Guys,

So I have another problem. I am trying to emboss my logo on a 3D Model. Im a graphic designer, with limited C4D skills and I am trying to help a product designer friend with a product of theirs.

I have used a boole to emboss the logo (polygon object) on the device case (also polygon object) and it works but the geometry in the device case gets all broken and low poly model looking. See the render pic. I am wondering if I am doing this the right way? Can I actually use the boole using two polygon objects? Is there a different way to do this? I have got it to work fine if I use the boole with a cube but its doesn't work with the polygon object.

On a side note, forum wise, is it better if I just create a new topic for something like this?

Thanks again,


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 19.33.28.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 19.37.17.png

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Hello Aiwen,

 Have you imported bottom inside object from some CAD software? First you need otpimize it. (remove Normal tag, in point mode optimize all points, alligning normals, maybe adjust/reduce Phong tag etc.)

See attached examples...There are few with rounding of edges and one with simple boole. If you explore them deeper, you can see how important is ground base segmentation...

Logo for Emboss_boole_0001.zip

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