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Guest storrence

Simulating Atmospheric refraction

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5 hours ago, storrence said:

What I would like to do is only use the color of the sky that is connected to the longitude latitude. It gives a nice representation of the area for the time of the year. What I would like to not see is the glow of the sun because my refraction layer in between causes it to be lower than it should. The sun in physical sky is easy to uncheck but the glow I can't find how to turn off. If that's not possible then is it possible to just create the sky color another way and then I can turn off physical sky completely. I'm using very little from it.


Also I want to track the azimut of the sun so I use the R.H of the camera that is targeting the sun. The problem is it's range is -90 to 270 and I need it 0-360. I tried using only range mapper because it seemed it would work but no matter how I set it, I can't seem to get it right. For example when the R.H of the camera says 0 and I move the sun forward, it goes to -1° then -2° and then when it gets to -90° to goes to 270. So the range seems to be -90 to 270 which I need to be 0-360


for the glow , it seems that you can't change it , and for the xpresso I don't use range mappers usually , I use compare nodes + condition nodes

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