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Cactus Dan has passed away

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Adios Dan! Always a pleasure to work with and amazing tools. I too hope someone picks them up, maybe MAXON could integrate them into their tool set?

Safe journey my friend.






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Guest TarabellaR

Hi All, i just discovered that my friend Cactus Dan is passed away. I already wrote to the dear Dan on skype some months ago without, of course, any answer. Dan helped me a lot time in the past. Was a great problem resolver regarding all most unknow parts of sdk. 

He had invited me to his land, he always talked to me about horses, every night, at certain time,  he was telling me that the hot soup was ready and I imagined him as he was, cowboy dressed with his spoon in his hand in his little house. I had several pictures of him and he had my ... i'm sorry about the photo, i lost them on an defected Hard Disk. I'm sorry and very sad for this news, it seems impossible.

Rest in peace Dan :(

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Cactus Dan was always nice to me here on the forums.  I've never been so sad by someone I've never known.  I remember a post where someone was asking for a special bone structure that would move a springy tentacle like arm around using ik.  He made a special script just for that singular person.  It worked so good too.  It's amazing how talented he was.


Sorry for the late post.  I was on a big project here for a long while and only recently started visiting the forums again.  I had to express my sorrow for his loss.


You will be missed Dan

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Did not know him much, and I only found out about his passing now tat I searched for one of his plugins but this news to me is saddening, he even did reply to one of my post about rigging and helped me out... hard to believe this kind of news when ever I hear it no matter how many times, but unfortunatly it is part of life. Thank you Cactus Dan for all that you have done, Requiescan In Pace. 

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