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Vray Render tests for Skin and translucent surfaces


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I know this is too much to ask but is it possible to get a hold a copy of your C4D file with the skin shader? I'd like to peek and get to know how it is set up
I just don't see a lot of Vray4C4D out there. I see some youtube videos but they are all french or something. 

I am not quite sure if all the materials should be in one advance material (that is in just a channel). or separate advance material, separate displacement material and separate SSS material. 

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I wont be able to share the full model, but can the file for the shader set up.  Even better, I can do a video for you on what iv learnt so far with Skin shading within Vray.  Your right, there is so little out there, I had searched and found nothing, so I had to learn the hard way "Trial and error", thankfully, my past experience with Modo has helped me out here, but certainly not perfected it as id like just yet.

For skin I do not use the Advanced material, I use the Fast SSS2, or Skin material, and now even better the Alsurface which is so simple to set up.  The SSS2 is best used with the Blend Material with separate Spec, Reflection.

I just got my motherboard back today, much sooner than I had expected, so Il try to get the file to you later on as its on the HD that the new Motherboard attaches to.  In the mean time on my Temp PC il do you a video which should help clear some bits up.


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Wahey!,  everything went well putting the motherboard back in, and everything loaded as it was before.  I was half expenting some issues, more so trying to get the motherboard in with the water cooling, and cables in the way.  Good job I have a big case.




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Thanks! Just viewed the video. This should get me started. 
Just want to clarify. In addition to the spec being added to the blend material. I guess it is also workable if I add a bump. 
That is one blend material. Then FastSSS as base with the two materials (spec and displacement) as a coat? Or is this a bad workflow? 

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Displacement dose not go into the blend material, but is applied before the blend material on the geometry.  The Fast SSS2 has the option for bump so no need to add another, but I guess you could try it.  When I make the bump its for very fine details,  and I use a 32 bit displacement with most of the skin details in it.  If the geometry is high enough poly count then skip the displacement, and go with just a normal map.  For very low polygon objects I do not bake the high skin details into the displacement map, just the deformation, and keep the high details just for the normal map.

The quality of the maps will determind how good the skin looks, as the colour along with the correct spec and bump detail all contribute, and if one is lacking it looks awfull.  Bump and spec are the ones than will make it look bad if wrong.



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Hi Dan. Sorry to bother you again with this topic but I was doing skin tests and I noticed something is really off. Then it took me a while to figure it out that I don't have bump maps. 

My question is how do you create the bump maps for the skins? Is it procedural? If so, are there any preferred type of noise to be used? Thank you.

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Hi.  Its no bother at all, im glad to help.

Bump maps are for high details, so you can use a displacement map if it contains the high details, as they are both grey scale maps.  To map the maps your best off to sculpt the detail, this can be done in C4D then bake a displacement map, use that in the bump channel.  If your using vray 3.x beta, make sure you plut all maps into the AdvBitmap vray loader.  If you dont want to sculpt the details then you can use a procedural noise, but your need to bake that into a map.

I use normal maps for high end detail, and bump for secondary information on top if im not using a 32 displacement map.  Now days I just use a 8k 32bit displacement map and dont bother with neither bump or normal maps.

Zbrush is my tool for sculpting details, and producing maps.



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8 hours ago, nerv said:

would love to see the video, but youtube says it's private.  :( 

The renders are looking amazing though.  Very uncanny.  

Sorry, I thought you had seen it, I didnt leave it up as it dont represent the same standard of my other videos.  Its live again to watch.::):



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