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Dynamic help with my school project

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I am going to make a toothbrush in Cinema 4d and I want the brushes to be dynamic. I've tried add cloth on the brushes and connected to the plastic with a cloth belt. When I do that, the cloth just fall in infinity. I want it to stay straight but be little but moveable when something touches it. Any suggestions for any ideas?

On the picture, you see the toothbrush (Yeah, strange design but that's the thing). To the right, you can see what happens when I add cloth and the other two sides is without


And, sorry for maybe not the perfect English but I hope u understand and sorry for my overall bad Cinema 4D knowledge xD

tandborste projekt.jpg

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Why are you doing that with cloth ? That's not going to work. You want to be doing it with hair ! Then you can very easily control the stiffness of your bristles by using reduced hair segments and adjusting the various settings to do with stiffness in the hair object's dynamics tab.

In the generate tab of your hair you can choose to render geometry instances instead of hair, so you should model 1 bristle, and drag that object into your source field there. If you do it this way, don't forget to turn off 'render hair' in the hairs tab of the hair object - you only want to see the instanced geometry; not the hair on which it is based.

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Hello everyone! I need your help...


I create a scene where are two objects with rigid body, on collision, one is automatic shape and the other is static shape. I added a keyframe for the object with static shape, to move on x axis and hit the object witch is automatic shape, I attached here an example : 

Why it is working if I move the keyframe at start, until 60-70f, if I move the keyframes after the 90-100f, nothing happen.

In my scene I need to add the keyframe at f650 and does not work, it works only if I move to start...

I encounter this problem in other situations with other dynamics...



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