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thanks guys... :) yes, it's all c4d, only a few additional particles added in post with trapcode particular. could have also made them with x-particles or clones, but the scene was already so heavy that i had to split it in 2 files, one for the morph in and one for the morph out... 

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47 minutes ago, Rectro said:

Now you got to do a complete project overview on how you did it.:wackywink:



it's really just an accumulation of basic techniques ... characters are rigged with advanced biped, the tongue for instance is a tracer made out of animated nulls to form a spline, then i just spline wrapped  the tongue model onto the tracer. the limb-ripping effect is just some cubes which i put into a  boole together with the character to subtract the cubes from the body to make the gap. the cubes are textured with a pink/white circular gradient, so it looks like there's a bone in the middle. most of the fluid effects are splines in a cloner, spline-wrapped onto either helix splines or tracer objects. when you put those splinewrapped splines in a metaball and apply a smoothing deformer you really have a lot of control over it and can art direct it precisely. was a lot of fun, but the scene got ugly to work with very fast because of all the tracers, spline wraps, metaballs and so on... so i had to constantly copy stuff from one document to another to be able to animate at a reasonable frame rate. ;)

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42 minutes ago, Vozzz said:

woah man! amazing work!


i agree a breakdown would be sweet. 


maybe little gifs of individual elements?

thanks :) little gifs of some setups are actually a good idea :) here's one of the fluid effects i used everytime a limb got ripped apart.. baked that one out to alembic and then imported that into my scene, just because another two metaballed cloners times 4 would have slowed down the scene by another 2 or 3 fps...


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