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Character Modelling challenge - Mirow aboriginal Warrior-W.I.P


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Today I cleaned up the scene, made sure it was symmetrical, at zero world space, and the axis for all parts set up correct.  I added the needed loops for animation around all articulation points, and spent some time last night adding the final look to his face and body.  I still as of yet have not done any sculpting, at least not in the way I referring to, so will go in there and add the straights and curves.  With the body, eyes, teeth/gums, tongue Im at 10512 polys.  No videos for the tweaking bits, would be boring to watch.  

Next is clothes, accessories, then Uv mapping.  Once iv done that  on to texturing, and set up shaders, then rigging for the final pose.




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1 hour ago, Rectro said:

Here is a quick paint over to see how he is looking with colour.  There is no sculpting, or displacements on this, so am happy with the way he has turned out.  This is just a C4D viewport grab.


looking pretty good :)

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10 minutes ago, PrivatePolygon said:

I'm seeing you doing an animation after all this rigging and weighting..or am I wrong ;) ?

Initially it's to pose the asset for the final image,  no intention to animate during g the challenge time limit,  not a chance of that. 


I will continue on the rigging animation thing after the challenge is over,  as I'm neither a rigger or animator,  new skills to learn over a long period of time. 



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Done the fun and easy part, Uv Mapping.  I didnt do this in C4D and there is no point when Unfold3D will do a much better job of it, cant compromise on UVs.





I put together the final video just to complete the other timelapse videos.  These videos where not required but I wanted to capture my first ever project in C4D, something to look back on in years to come.  Thanks for watching this thread, and the videos.  Any questions about the process, how it compares to using MODO, Zbrush, Hexagon, and the issues I had to overcome are welcome.


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