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Character Modelling challenge - Mirow aboriginal Warrior-W.I.P


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So am starting the Character modelling challenge with some ideas, concepts, back story to direct where this is going.

Back Story:

There was  aboriginal young boy named Mirow , which means (A throwing Stick). he was  3 years old, and lived in the out back  Australia during the mid 1700 after the Nepean war. His father Coen is  a warrior who survived the war who has gained his reputation by saving the lifes of most of his tribe.  Mirow's mother is Nadda who is loyal, and wishes Mirow to be like his warrior father when he is older.  Mirows father teaches his son the basic skills to hunt, and survive, and by the age of 9 he has grasp many skills beyond that of the other children in his tribe, although he is still a young boy Mirow is strong, and a dedicated apprentice warrior who wishes to be like his father some day.  


As he is a cartoon style character to meet the challenge requirements, I will keep his proportions initially correct using loomings 6 head tall canon.  His face is rather baby like with big brown eyes, and not sure yet what I wil do with his hair.  I plan to try a few idears to stylize him, so feedback from you will be great, this is not something I normally do.

I plan to make him with good topology for rigging, and facial morphs if I get time.  He will have some accessories, some clothes, and some facial makeup.



Iv also created a photo board with some references I collected off the net, this helps keep me in line of my ideas.  I added text to each photo to draw my attention to what I liked about each picture. Iv done some pencil sketches which iv scanned into Photoshop and applied Photocopy filter on to get deeper lines.  I will use this as a reference to model off.



ref sheet1-4k.jpg





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On 11/11/2016 at 4:41 PM, bentraje said:

Me too! Looking forward to the WIP. Hopefully, I'll also be able to post my progress tomorrow to keep up with you guys. 

Great! look forward to it.  You wont have to keep up with me, iv not even started the modelling yet ::):,Vector is flying ahead.

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1 minute ago, bentraje said:

Cool. It is actually been awhile since I did head modelling from scratch. Do you always model figures like that? or just this time?


No I dont normaly, I had adopted a way better workflow which gives me far more creative freedom, and speed, and thats with other software, but being that this challenge is purely C4D, and I need to learn C4D tools better iv gone old school.


Thanks, Dan

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I reckon that you are referring to Modo? May I ask what is your typically workflow in Modo? I thought, in general, C4D can do what Modo offers and vice versa. 

Typically id normally  use what I call a "creative process" in which Zbrush is where it all begins.  I can create my concept without any topology restrictions (Dynamesh), all  while zbrush being able to produce a relatively clean mesh while I work between stages (ZRemesher) which is Zbrushes way of Auto retopology.  I don't need a pen and paper,  I don't need a base mesh from another application, id use Zspheres to construct my base mesh. 


When I'm happy,  over it goes into Modo where I retopologize,  and make hands,  feet,  eyes,  accessories.  Modos modelling tools are much superior to C4D,  not all tools,  but most.  It's not that C4D can't do the same as modo,  it's just more awkward,  slower, but MODO is not as intuitive overall C4D.  C4d needs a good base mesh to sculpt on,  Zbrush don't. For that reason sculpting in C4D is to speed up the process for getting organic forms in place fast, in this regard its much better than MODOs sculpting tools.

Symmetry in C4D is terrible, yet so important, there also needs to be a re-symmetry tool as to avoid keep deleting half the model.  There is  no intelligent bridge tool so I can select multiple edges either side of a opening and bridge the gap,  uv mapping in C4D is workable,  not as good as Modo,  as Modo not close to as good as unfold3d. Its swings and round abouts, overal I prefer working inside C4D despite it short falls. Its the small things that all add up, and for every small thing a work around has to be put into place, the slower I become, and I like to work at speed once I get into the zone.

PS: For this project im not using anything other than C4D apart from Photoshop later on.



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Day 2:  

Worked for just over a hour on Ears, Nose Mouth, Eye sockets.  Being that the theme is cartoon I could spare myself realistic anatomy for ears which was nice.  Im putting as much into the modelling as possible so it holds all its own forms without the need for displacement maps.  Crits, comments welcome.





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